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Children tverichej have gone in country camp

Ur - ra, vacation, hi, freedom! At last - that podnadoevshy can be thrown a school backpack in a corner, and a diary with annual estimations - in a table. Some schoolboys remain in a city, others for all summer will wave to the grandmother in village, and lucky beggars will go on rest to country camp.

Yesterday in the Tver camps the first change - from the Palace of children has begun and youth buses have gone in the Companion the Rainbow and the Camomile . Arrival in " Today will begin; Friendship the Romanticist on June, 3rd - in the Seagull on June, 4th - in the Coeval . Also in Otmichah the children`s summer residence for preschool children where for a summer will restore health about 400 children will work.

In country camps for four changes can have a rest more than 6 thousand children.

- the daughter goes To camp already in the third time, this time took a vacation package in the Coeval - Irina Tarasova, mum of third-grader Nasti has told tverichanka. - the Daughter has got in musical spetsotrjad, she at me plays a flute. In group children from 5 till 15 years.

By the way, in camp will be also sports, and dancing spetsotrjady. This innovation should please, after all in spetsotrjade children are united by one hobby, and all time that is called, at business: rehearse, are engaged On a broader scale better in the country to breathe fresh air, than to sit in a dusty city!

- If there will be a disco, means, in camp it will be good! - Nastja considers.

- the Vacation package in country camp costs 12,5 thousand roubles. But state employees will pay for it only 1331 rouble, - have informed in Management of education of Tver. - Working citizens can obtain fund compensation sotsstraha at a rate of 3960 roubles, for this purpose it is necessary to be converted into accounts department of the enterprise.

the first change and in school camps in which it is possible to define schoolboys with 1 - go on 11 - j a class Has begun. Cost of a vacation package for 1 - 4 - h classes - 420 roubles for 18 days, for senior pupils - 339 roubles (at them is not present in the mid-morning snack menu).

- School camp can work not only in one change, but also in two, and in three - in the presence of parental demand, - have explained in Department of public communications of a city administration. - for this purpose parents need to hold meeting and to be converted into school administration.

By the way, vacation packages on the second, third and fourth changes in country camp still can be bought. For this purpose it is necessary to come to an education municipal government to the address: street Three-Svjatsky, 28, bodies. (4822 32 - 16 - 16. For vacation package acquisition in school camp be converted into the school.