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The Tver graduates have passed the Unified State Examination in geography and the literature

Yesterday the Tver graduates handed over two Unified State Examinations for choice - geography and the literature.

we Will remind, this year only two obligatory uniform state examinations - on Russian and mathematics. Other Unified State Examinations can be chosen from 13 subjects if they are required for receipt in high school or college.

Yesterday in our region 39 points on Unified State Examination delivery on geography, 29 - in biology have been organised. 285 eleventh-graders in the Tver region have chosen examination in geography, 438 - in biology.

- But it is those who has declared the desire to hand over these subjects till March, 1st, - have warned in Department of education of the Tver region. - schoolboys can change the mind and not come on examination in a choice. Such happens.

And more. As it is known, from the moment of introduction of Unified State Examination as experiment in a number of regions many copies concerning creative tasks in humanitarian subjects - parts are broken With which estimation by much seemed biassed.

- this year kontrolno - measuring materials under the literature in a part With are improved, so to graduates will write Unified State Examination easier, - consider in education Department.

- Me has carried, questions which I knew have got. And houses when prepared, could not to respond to half of creative tasks, - eleventh-grader Xenia Golomedova who wrote yesterday Unified State Examination in 43 - j to school has shared with us. - though basically pass the Unified State Examination in the literature all who well knows texts of all products can and diligently was engaged all years at school...