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Boris Shpigelja`s visit to Israel

has come to the end During visit President VKRE has held meetings with premieres - minister Binjamin Netanjahu, Minister for Foreign Affairs Avigdorom Liberman, the minister of absorption by Sofoj Landver, deputies of the Knesseth and members of Israeli section VKRE.
Boris Shpigelja`s Meeting and the Prime minister - the minister of Israel Binjamin Netanjahu has passed in very warm and friendly atmosphere. Boris Shpigel and the present prime minister of Israel familiar for a long time also maintain friendly relations. In May, 2008 Netanjahu was converted with a keynote speech to three thousand delegates of General Assembly VKRE in Jerusalem. At a meeting the wide range of pressing questions of mutual relation of Russian-speaking Jews and Israel, and also Russian - the Israeli relations was discussed. It has been noticed that they develop positively and are priority for two countries.
Boris Shpigel has mentioned a subject geroizatsii nazism and rehabilitation of helpers of fascists in the countries of the former USSR. President VKRE has underlined that obelenie helpers of nazism, a pulling down of monuments to warriors of Red Army and the announcement national heroes of those who up in arms wared on Hitler`s party, calls anger and indignation of Russian-speaking Jewry worldwide, including in the countries where the similar passes with support of the local and central authorities.
Boris Shpigel has told Netanjahu that has personally promised to the Israeli veterans of war that the Congress will ruthlessly struggle with this shameful tendency in all countries where there live Russian-speaking Jews, and intends to make in the near future struggle with obeleniem fascists a priority of the activity. in this question the cheap politics is inappropriate and any attempts to give to this form of madness the slightest legitimacy " are unacceptable; - he has declared. netanjahu has voiced the full consent with Boris Shpigelja`s estimation of these disturbing facts, has expressed the big concern in this connection, and also has told about the solidarity with a position of Russia on this question. He named this phenomenon one of displays of new anti-Semitism. The head of the government has informed President VKRE that will give the commission to the minister of the information and of communications with diaspora Julia Edelshtejnu to develop and submit the government of Israel concrete recommendations concerning this problem.
Netanjahu has noticed that considers important to declare about the accurate position in a question on unacceptability of copying of history of the Second World War and has reminded that repeatedly took personal part in commemorating on May, 9th. Boris Shpigel and Binjamin Netanjahu have agreed that the joint working group which will be engaged in preparation of commemorating 65 - letija Victories will be created. Also a number of conferences with participation of historians of two countries where questions of history of the XX-th century will be taken fundamentally up will be spent.
the Parties also have discussed development Russian - the Israeli relations in sphere of high technologies, having noticed that the beginning recently is necessary to development of joint projects in this area. Boris Shpigel has thanked the prime minister of Israel for the reception rendered to head ROSNANO to Anatoly Chubays in Israel, and has underlined importance of interaction of corporation ROSNANO with the Israeli sector of high technologies. The parties have come to understanding of necessity of acceptance of concrete measures in development of the reached arrangements in sphere of economic cooperation.
In the conclusion of a meeting of the party also have underlined importance of development of personal contacts between a management of Russia and Israel. Binjamin Netanjahu has told that hopes soon to visit Moscow and to meet a management of Russia.
Earlier during the visit president VKRE Boris Shpigel has carried on negotiations with the assistant to premieres - the minister, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel Avigdorom Liberman (which now is with official visit to Russia) and the minister of absorption of Israel Sofoj Landver.
At a meeting with Avigdorom Liberman the exchange of opinions on a wide range of questions, including questions of mutual relation of Russia and Israel has taken place. It has been noticed that Russian - the Israeli relations develop in a forward direction, but the potential of rapprochement of two countries far is not settled.
At a meeting with the minister of absorption by the Sofa of Landver of the party have declared necessity of the decision of a question on payment of pensions to repatriates from the countries of the former USSR. It has been noticed that for today only Russia in full pays labour pensions to the citizens living in Israel. The parties have come to the consent about necessity of the decision of a question on payments to that who has arrived to Israel till 1992.
the joint position according to which it is necessary to begin as soon as possible payment of the Russian pensions to a number of categories of pensioners, first of all to veterans of the Second World War Has been developed. It has been underlined that everything which have earned the seniority in territory of RSFSR, should receive corresponding pension payments, however a prime solution of a problem concerning veterans will contribute in the prompt decision of a question concerning all pensioners from the former USSR and becomes a moral reference point for other countries which for the present have not incurred similar obligations.
At meetings of the president of the World congress of Russian-speaking Jewry with premieres - the minister of Israel and ministers noticed that lately the Congress has considerably strengthened the authority on Israel, is the force contributing in development of mutual relations of Israel with Russian-speaking Jews of Diaspora, to relations of Israel with the countries of the former USSR, first of all with Russia.