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To Petersburgers will return 41 kindergarten

Last years gardens died out as a kind: in their 2006 was 1058, in 2007 - m - 1032, and in the end of 2008 - go - only 1018. Thus in some groups is registered 30 - 40 kids, instead of put 20. The public has attended to a current situation and has made the list of all closed gardens. It has appeared that the most part of buildings is occupied by offices. The tenth part is given the state organisations.

- also it is necessary to return These premises to children. There it is possible to find any official bodies - from branches of the Pension fund to the centres of rehabilitation of invalids. But to the Pension fund, the rehabilitation centres the green territory round the gardens, already initially provided there is not necessary, - the deputy of Legislative Assembly Sergey Malkov has expressed the opinion.

After deputies were connected to a problem and have directed inquiry to city Committee of education, officials have analysed the data, and at last - that became clear, where gardens have got to. It has appeared that:

-   to 36 addresses operating state, municipal, social objects and not state educational institutions (the private kindergartens developing clubs, the centres)
-   are placed; 156 buildings - a private property
- 16 buildings - the federal property
-   3 buildings - the municipal property
-   17 objects are translated in available housing
-   on     25     to objects     data are not present
-   138 buildings are in the property of St.-Petersburg and are leased.

the Garden instead of social security

to Select premises at private traders it is almost impossible, therefore all hope of the buildings which are in city property. However and here not all so is simple. According to officials, from 138 buildings 60 are in the built in premises, are too small and do not correspond to the sanitary code. Therefore gardens do not suit. Hardly there was 41 a building approaching for gardens. has studied the list of potential kindergartens made by city by training Committee and with surprise has found out that now there there are not less important establishments. For example, in Krasnogvardejsky area to release a place it is necessary to the Center of the social help to a family and children and the complex centre of social service of the population. In Kirovsk - to Committee concerning legality, the law and order and security, in Moscow - city polyclinic, and in Neva - to the regional centre of employment. And in these organisations about possible eviction and slyhom did not hear.

- As will move? Where? - Employees of polyclinic in Krasnogvardejsky area have become puzzled. - we know nothing. Yes the city also has given this premise to us!
while it is difficult to tell, when the returned gardens will open. The committee by training has asked the governor of Petersburg and the city Committee on management of city property to promote regional administrations in the decision of this question. It is necessary to hope only that higher officials will responsibly concern such request, instead of will send it in a table.

Unfortunately while this material prepared, we had not time to receive the official answer of representatives of city Committee by training to a question: where social establishments from released premises of kindergartens will get to. But we will necessarily ask to speak to officials in the nearest numbers.

[What gardens in Petersburg want to rediscover - addresses]