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As to Petersburgers to go round an economic forum

In June hundreds gather in a city VIP - visitors.

However, it is necessary to recognise that these inconveniences could be and pomasshtabnee. Fortunately, a second year the forum is spent exclusively in pavilions Lenexpo therefore security services should not block city centre. But if one year ago world political and business - elite suited a meeting in the days off not to increase transport loading by Petersburg this time it will take place in everyday life. With all that it implies.

the Greatest restrictions will concern Vasilevsky island around Harbour: There the parking will be forbidden. However for journey the Cash street will be opened.
most likely, GAI will enter a particular treatment of parking of transport at hostels the Grandee - hotel Europe Corinthia Nevskij Palace Redisson SAS Rojal Hotel Ambassador Marco Polo .

on June, 4th will not drive to Palace Square: there in 20. 00 the concert of British group Duran Duran and the American singer Anastacia will begin. By experience of last years when acted Scorpions and Roger Waters, it is possible to expect that movement near to the area will block for 2 - 3 hours prior to the beginning of show. Accordingly will forbid and to put cars in neighbouring streets.

Most likely, all three days will arise transport problems and near to other venues of cultural actions the form: Mariinsky, Aleksandrinsky, Mihajlovsky theatres, a Mariinsky theatre Concert hall, the Philharmonic society, the Peter and Paul Fortress.

every morning trains the VIP - persons will rush in Harbour, and in the evening back. For their journey can temporarily block off traffic. But where and when - it is not known. Most likely, GAI officers will operate on circumstances. But which - that can before -
be guessed. For example, on June, 3rd in the evening and on June, 4th in the morning visitors will gather in Petersburg, and on June, 6th to come back home in the evening. So, there will be a Pulkovsky highway and the streets crossing Moskovsky prospectus.

last year some unpleasant hours were necessary to worry to the passengers of electric trains who are coming back from summer residences: they sat in cars and waited, when trains will drive. After all to trains with a view of security have forbidden to go on bridges over governmental lines. As will be this time - it is not clear yet. But calms that participants of a forum will part on houses not in the Sunday evening as one year ago, and sabbatical when summer residents also do not think to come back in a city.

- about any changes of the schedule while information are not present, - have informed in a press - service Severo - the Western suburban passenger company. - about the order any windows in movement of structures too still it is not known.

Where there can be stoppers

4 - on June, 6th - Cash street, street Opochinina, the Big avenue of Century O, Average avenue, Srednegavansky avenue, the Shkipersky channel.

3, on June, 4th and 6 - Pulkovsky sh., southern part KAD, the streets crossing the Moscow avenue

on June, 4th

-   Theatrical square -
18. 00 - 23. 00
-   street Decembrists
(near to Concert
a Maryinsky Theater hall) -
21. 00 - 00. 00
-   square of Arts -
18. 00 - 22. 00
-   Palace journey -
17. 00 - 00. 00.

on June, 5th

-   Theatrical square -
18. 00 - 22. 00
- street of Decembrists -
21. 00 - 00. 00
-   square of Arts -
18. 00 - 22. 00
-   Ostrovsky`s square -
19. 00 - 23. 00
- Kronverksky emb.,
Kronverksky avenue,
Mytninsky emb., Troitsk square -
19. 00 - 00. 00.

on June, 6th

-   Theatrical square - 18. 00 - 00. 00
-   street of Decembrists (nearby
with Concert a hall
the Maryinsky Theater) -
21. 00 - 00. 00
-   Ostrovsky`s square -
19. 00 - 23. 00.