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Inhabitants wish to know...

at a meeting also was present and. An island of the head of administration of the Frunze area - Oleg Zemskov.

we Will remind that for the last two months Oleg Grishchenko already three times met the inhabitants dissatisfied with work of the management companies. Claims at townspeople has collected much: it and poor quality of services, and unreasonably great sums which it is necessary to pay, and null information about activity UK.

- we do not have claims to work only one service of ours TSZH, - active worker Sergey CHIKOV, - a cash desk window where we should hand over money speaks, is always opened - both in everyday life, and in feasts, and on days off. Here us always meet with pleasure. And here to receive any information it is not given possible, with us it is simple - naprosto refuse to talk, we cannot even learn the indication of our device under heat account. And we put it, by the way, for the money.

- I regularly meet inhabitants and with representatives of their management companies, - the head of Saratov Oleg GRISHCHENKO speaks, - and one of the basic problems whom I can designate, - unwillingness of a management of the companies to communicate with inhabitants to hold meetings, to report, where and on what money is spent. Such should not be, after all it conducts to misunderstanding and mistrust from tenants, and sometimes and to an exit of houses from this or that UK.

In a word, DEZov already practically is not present, however their methods of work, unfortunately, have inherited many management companies. And it generates weight of additional problems in municipal sphere. That it to avoid, the mayor has insisted on municipal control over activity UK, in structure of committee on city administration housing and communal services the special division will operate.

inhabitants support Such initiative of the city head for all hundred percent, as, according to the same Sergey Chikova, We do not demand anything supernatural, we only ask, that representatives UK answered our questions and gave all necessary documents .

As an example Sergey Nikolaevich results the following history. In 2008 management TSZH - 1 declared to inhabitants that in their house electroeconomy repair will be made.  

For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that for all works at a rate of 30 thousand inhabitants nevertheless could see the estimate. And here as to the certificate of the executed works this document and has not been presented them. A result? The initiative group was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to find out, where this money has been spent. As even the most inquisitive could not find out visible results of repair.  

One more question which disturbs inhabitants, - problems with the device of the account of heat. Having established it one and a half years ago, inhabitants pay till now bills that proceeding from the specification proceeding from it is not known what indications of the counter (exact figures of these indications disappear).  

- If in the house there is an account device its indications should be opened for tenants. I repeatedly said that installation of counters - unique possibility to get rid from unreasonable and frequently unreasonable updatings which are exposed to us by suppliers of resources, -   Oleg GRISHCHENKO explains. - And we use the best efforts to instrument today the account each apartment house. For this purpose on one of last sessions of a municipal duma of the budget of Saratov it has been allocated more than 160 million roubles.

Management TSZH - 1 has assured the mayor that in the near future will organise general meeting and will report to tenants on all works spent in the house and the spent money. It is entrusted to area administration to take this question on control.

As the house roof 4 is in bad condition, Oleg Grishchenko has suggested TSZH - 1 to prepare necessary documents that next year this building was included into the address program on realisation 185 - FZ and there was a possibility to carry out here major repairs.