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The Moldavian infected with a pork flu will not deport to Kishinev

on May, 28th the woman has arrived from New York. And already after two days 38 - the summer citizen of Moldova was converted to doctors with complaints to feeling sick. She has warned at once physicians that suspects infection with virus A/ H1N1 (a pork flu). The matter is that our compatriot in New York was in contact to the relatives infected with this virus.
the citizen of Moldova now is in one of city hospitals Limassol islands Cypruss. The woman constantly lives in Cyprus.
Ministry of Health of Cyprus has already made the statement that is the first registered case of a pork flu on the Mediterranean island.
in the statement of the Minister of Health of Cyprus Hristosa Patsalidesa is said that a status of the Moldavian highly . Doctors calm the island population, assuring everything that the Moldavian is sick of the easy form of a pork flu and the bases for trouble at inhabitants of Cyprus should not be.
One more woman flying in one plane with the citizen of Moldova so - it has appeared in hospital with suspicion on a pork flu. Other passengers of this flight pass preventive treatment.

And At this time

the Case of disease by a virus of flu A (H1N1) in Moldova has not proved to be true. In municipal infectious hospital 1 in Kishinev has been delivered the child with illness symptoms. However laboratory analyses have shown that it is a question of a usual virus of a flu. The child already feels normally. For additional checks of test of blood have been directed to specialised laboratory in London.
recently virus A (H1N1) has come nearer to borders of Moldova. In Romania three cases of disease - at the child and two adult citizens have been revealed. In total in the world already   It is registered 13 thousand cases of disease and about hundred death.

If you had questions on a pork flu, call on round-the-clock hot lines 72 - 10 - 10


Konstantin Spynu, the deputy director of the National centre of preventive medicine:
Under the international standards of public health services, it will not send at all home. It will accept there anti-virus treatment duly and even after recover repeatedly will pass all necessary tests. Actually there were two cases: to us two patients who have arrived from the countries where the pork flu, with suspicion on infection with this virus is registered have got. But after carrying out of all tests   the result on virus presence has appeared negative. So while, fortunately, in territory of Moldova of a pork flu is not present.

the CALL To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova

Valery turja, the head of department of the press and public relations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European integration:
As soon as it became known about this case, we have contacted at once Larissa Mikulets - the ambassador of Moldova in Israel which is accredited as well in Cyprus. Have asked to accelerate reception of the official answer from the authorities, and here that was found out. This woman is considered more likely the native of Moldova, than the citizen of our country. On hands at it - citizenship of Cyprus, the passport, she lives on this island. We have tried to communicate with it directly, unfortunately, left nothing. But, as we were assured by doctors, the woman goes on the amendment and it will write out literally in some days.

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