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Roads to a city are not present and will not be while

Today here spoke about the main thing - money and roads.

First of all people`s choices have heard and have accepted the report on execution of the budget of Saratov for last year. Growth of incomes to previous year has made 25,8 percent. Instead of the planned deficiency the budget is executed with proficiency in the sum of 198 million roubles. The municipal debt is lowered and has made on the beginning of this year of 950 million roubles.

a Number of deputies was voiced by many claims to administration, paying attention to efficiency of an expenditure of city means. Summing up question discussion, the head of Saratov Oleg Grishchenko has noted: The remarks has voiced kontrolno - Audit Chamber, having spent external check of the report. Check results are published. The committee on the finance and as a whole administration should work over correction of errors, they it well-known .

Also people`s choices have made the decision on modification of the municipal target program Repair and the maintenance dorozhno - a street network of a city of Saratov on 2005 - 2010 .

the New project has been developed in connection with necessity of change of the list of objects for repair (the part from them has been already repaired earlier at the expense of means of other levels).

Having heard the chairman of road committee Valery Danilin, deputies have come to an unfavourable conclusion that the roads nearest some years will be on - former to be in a city in an advanced state of decay. At the city budget this year on their repair of all 110 million rbl. Have estimated, how much all is necessary means to put in order the Saratov roads. The sum has appeared non-comparable with available - an order of three billions. Moreover, according to people`s choices, and quality of repair not the most good. The area to help a city as the head of Saratov has noticed, does not gather, therefore to a city we yet will not see good roads.

About shortage of means there was a speech and already after, having settled the summons, deputies have passed to point a miscellaneous . People`s choices have started talking about become painful - about updatings which, under the information available for them, have already started to expose to inhabitants management companies.

Also has put here, alas, are even worse, rather than with roads. In total saratovtsy have run into debt for teploenergoresursy an order of billion roubles. How to pay off with suppliers - it is resolutely not clear. Oleg Grishchenko has expressed serious concern to that the problem of updatings does not dare yet:

- I was converted to the governor on this question that it is necessary to find possibility to allocate money from the regional budget on repayment of consumption above permitted standard. It is impossible to expose to the population these bills because people cannot pay them, and we will have problems with occurrence in a cold season. The governor has answered that it is ready to allocate 100 million rbl. for exempts. And it does not cover all exempts who at us are. 100 million should allocate and a city, but at us such money, accordingly, no.

Though even if Saratov also will find 100 million, and sofinansirovanie from area - 100 million more, total 200 we will not close a question because debts under the superspecification - an order of 1 billion rbl. to People updatings all the same can expose, according to 307 - mu to the governmental order of the Russian Federation. It turns out that the governor for inhabitants of the regional centre does not solve this problem.