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The future Moldavian bachelors will receive at examination a stroke - codes

  children hand over Examinations in the educational institutions, but all tasks were made by the computer, people to working out were admitted.
but there is more to come - children will not sign work as the name and a surname, as last years. To each graduate the stroke - a code, and a name of the one who was tested will be appropriated, it becomes known only after work check. Moreover - at examinations it is authorised to write only dark blue paste, and last years it was possible to use and violet.

the Deputy director of Agency of an estimation and testing at the Ministry of Public Education and Valentine Miron`s youth has told that this year officially it is authorised to use the atlas during examination in geography. By the way, earlier in regulations of carrying out of examinations of it it has not been specified that created additional difficulties.

- Each atlas will be checked on an input in a hall where will take place examination, - tells Valentine Miron.
the Graduates who have arrived on examination without the identification card, can hand over tests on the basis of a copy from educational institution archive. However after examination nevertheless it is required to bring the document. For the commission. All results of tests will be published after last examination. Children can submit appeal complaints within 48 hours since the moment after announcement of results. However, lyceum students cannot see work even if they want to challenge them. They will be urged to remember that have written, having received a pure variant on which points under each answer are noted.

the Inquiry

this year 32 thousand graduates will pass examinations for degree of the bachelor. Children will pass tests in the lycees, and will check up works in the special centres. On republic 394 educational centres are opened.