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the Guitarist from the Internet with the Balkan roots

Today Peter Nalich the main Russian musical Internet - a phenomenon. It   has started to collect notices already on the first club platforms, and now before it the greatest halls of Moscow open. And on record of the first song it has not spent for shooting of the first clip copecks. But this roller Guitar also has made its known. Nurtured on abrupt zamese a romance, a chanson, Gipsy and Cossack songs, Peter works in universal folklore tradition - composes manumissions, melodic, mainly minor, thus sincere, not deprived of sense of humour, songs. Leah

There was Peter when - nibud in the homeland of the Bosnian grandfather, the opera singer Zahida Nalicha, what girls are pleasant to it, and as life 26 - the summer architect after its roller which has been removed with friends on a summer residence situated near Moscow, have looked on YouTube at some hundreds thousand persons has changed, has learnt our special correspondent Lara Zinder.

- Peter, at first a traditional question - over what now work?

- We prepare new songs for future concerts, at us was established, it seems to me, good tradition to sing two earlier not sung songs at each concert. And still posters I draw to concerts, well and on a broader scale we train! And we start a new album in the spring.

- a leah you on yourselves and on the creativity Feel world financial crisis?

- Well, became less korporativov, accordingly and it is less than money, but we began to play more than public concerts is I consider, positive action of crisis.

- a leah Truth that you after success of a song Guitar seriously were engaged in your vocal data, have decided to receive music education, and on a broader scale to become the opera singer?

- On a broader scale - that, I seriously am engaged three years in a vocal. At me the ingenious teacher Irina Mukhin with whom I have got acquainted three years ago. She teaches in studio Orfej a classical vocal. It was the fatal meeting. I never thought to be engaged in a classical vocal, but she has told that the voice should be developed, and has taken me in hand. Now I six times a week at it am engaged. It the excellent teacher though the person rigid enough, therefore not everywhere has got accustomed. Here it also has organised the studio which 30 exists years.  

- a leah will be gone from it originality of your creativity?

  - Yes is not present, the more you sing - the better.

Lacking ideas a clip

- As on a broader scale your life has changed after success of a roller Guitar on YouTube.

- Certainly, became much more interesting: have collected ensemble and began to give the big concerts, before it never did. - and how, by the way, the song has been written and how there was an idea of a clip? - I do not know that such idea of a clip and I do not know, what idea in our clip. I can tell that we removed a clip in very good mood. The song has been written 4 years ago and more year two formed to its present status.

- Well, it is a song - steb? A joke?

  - Yes the message there, of course, is not present any (laughs). At first I have composed its one slice, then another. When in Merzljakovsky musical school has arrived, to me there have opened which - that new, and I still hardly have complicated in seredinke. With itself it was terribly happy. Friends have prompted pair of lines. This easy thing in universal, broken English, probably, should be pleasant to much.

- And who has excited you for an image of it sou kul the macho? The Caucasian, the Italian?

- Is not present, it was out of a nationality. Not the macho, not the lady`s man, and simply person with cheerful, open reactions. I always with pleasure for fun copied different accents. Liked to learn any song in language which I do not know, for example.

- a leah you Feel yourselves a star and a leah has begun at you star fever after a cognizance in streets?  

- I do not know, what is it... But   star Illness, differently arrogance since the childhood was peculiar to me, and since the childhood I try to struggle with it. On a broader scale it seems to me that people essentially do not change, with what were born, such and remain on all life.  

- a leah There were you happier person when have left employment by architecture and have practised music?  

- I always loved architecture and music, and, in general, is glad that music makes now my trade, and the architecture became a hobby.  

- And you have a stylist?

- Is not present.

- a leah Besiege you of the fan?

  - Yes is not present, not strongly.

  - What girls to you, as a whole, are nice?

  - Beautiful and smiling.

  - you on a broader scale the romanticist?

- Still!    

words on serbski  

  - a leah There were you when - nibud in the homeland of the Balkan grandfather? Whence it precisely comes, by the way?  

  - It from the city of Doboj in Bosnia, but I there never was. My great-grandfather - bosniets. Was before war by the lyrical tenor. Had engagement in the Belgrad opera. But then war, camp, there to it fascists have broken a throat, more he did not sing. Then it has got to Soviet Union here again all life worked on radio. I was born in Moscow in 1981 and practically did not leave anywhere from here. Three years ago has ended MARHI, has then entered Merzljakovsky musical school. Last two years in architecture I am not engaged.  

- a leah Plan concerts in Serbia, Montenegro where your creativity is very popular among the Russian emigrants?  

- it is obligatory!  

- And a leah you though know the a bit Serbian language?  

  - words!  

  - And where you already had to support border?  

- In Austria, China and Italy. Certainly, abroad we acted much less and not in those conditions that in Russia because here we already have a strong enough audience which goes on us. In the West it, of course, is not present, we there some concerts of a distance, in China hardly - hardly have sung. In Austria when we played before a match Russia - Sweden, on the area there were practically one Swedes. When we have started singing on - anglijski, they as - that listened to us, when we have passed on Russian, they have turned away and have ceased to listen to us.    

  - you carry group PetrNalitch creativity To what direction?

  - I, unfortunately, do not understand it at all    

the Underground - the best place for reading  

  - What platform to you is closer in total chamber, club, open - air?  

- All depends on what people come. And people to us come, as a rule, very nice. Therefore, strangely enough, there are good concerts even in the gloomy conditions most, apparently. But, in general I can tell that I love concerts in the summer in the open air because, in - the first, people can come with children, in - the second, there is not smoked, such rigid sound, as in all clubs, and in general atmosphere much more human, around trees there does not walk.    

- a leah Remains at you time for reading of books or very a busy schedule disturbs? If yes, what at you literary preferences?  

- I read in the underground as six times a week I go on employment on a vocal much. I love Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gogol, Tuva Janssona, Tolkiena, Vudhausa.  

  - Tell about collective PetrNalitch?  

  - Muzykalnj collective PetrNalitch is I is Petja Nalich, Serezha Sokolov, Kostja Shvetsov, Jura Kostenko, Sasha Bajdakov, Daniel Lentsi. With Serezhej and Bones we are on friendly terms from school, with other children have converged a bit later. At us the excellent, very amicable collective has turned out. To me has very much carried with those who surrounds me, and since the childhood. At me talented friends and delightful musicians.  

- And you are on schoolmates and other social networks?  

  - We are in ZHZH, on facebook, myspace, lastfm and yandex. On schoolmates and in   contact is now   Our clones so we too get there the pages.  

  - And what you would wish our readers?  

  - Good mood and that it was always interesting!

Ilya Shinkarenko`s Photo.