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The Engelssky pedophile have planted for 20 years

Next 20 years of life to the recidivist on whom to the bill already almost ten crippled children`s lives, it is necessary to spend in a particular treatment colony.

- Well though this will have time to grow easy, - exhales Svetlana IVASCHENKO, trying to close hands from world around the approximated stomach.

That, what`s happened last summer from it 7 - summer Irishkoj, the woman cannot realise till now. Also feels sorry that has not tried to kill the monster who has abuseed over her daughter.

“ It will kill me, aunts of Ljud, it does not joke! “

Small Ira stood about shop in the middle of settlement Light and cried, when it was seen the seller by Lyudmila Ivanov. The woman knew the girl for a long time, that came often with parents to buy something.

- She sobbed in a voice. I tried to calm, but she repeated all: “ It me ubet, aunts of Ljud, it does not joke “! - Hardly constraining tears, the woman told on court.

Irinka at all did not understand that to it has occurred. Appeared in time with the father she has explained to mum that the unfamiliar uncle has told, that she was silent and has dragged in bushes. Both there has beaten. And only when parents have started to shake off soiled by the earth and blood panties, they have understood, what`s happened actually.

On alarm all Tatishchevsky militia has been lifted. And itself attacking at this time already tracked down the following victim. But 10 - summer Nadja Kireeva could escape. It was threw to mum and has told about happened, and in some minutes the girl and three militiamen travelled about on settlement in search of the attacking.

- We went along the street Shigaeva when the girl has identified in the going man searched, - the inspector of traffic police OVD of Tatishchevsky area Alexey GROMOVENKO remembers. - I have tried to check up documents, but the man has started to open. Nadja cried in the car and repeated: “ It it “ And the muzhik was indignant “ Yes that you maljavku listen to this! “. Has then struck to me on edges, has run, but all of us - taki could braid it.

When the arrested person have punched on base, skilled militiamen have gasped - 41 - the summer man, the candidate for the master of sports on sambo-wrestling and a judo, half of life has spent behind bars for rape of children.

the Maniac with the experience

For the first time Yury Zhurlova has pulled to little girls at teenage age. He has raped the first victim, when to it was not and 18. A year later it have found and have denounced for 8 years. In a colony he on correspondence has got acquainted with the woman, that even has started to go to it on appointments, and in 91 year at them the daughter was born. In 94 - m when by that it was executed three years, the man left and has officially issued relations. And in some months it already judged for rape of five babes. However, the jury recognised fault of Zhurlova proved only on two episodes.

- In 95 - m to it a distance of 13 years. The wife has learnt and has left from it. In March, 2008 it was released and has again started to hunt for girls, - tells and. An island of the chief of department on supervision for criminally - remedial activity of bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor Andrey ZHADNOV.

It has appeared that seven-year Ira was not the first, but the second victim of the maniac. A month before happened, on June, 18th, it has tracked down and has raped in park of Victory 11 - summer Olju Nesterenko. Has put a knife to a throat and has dragged in bushes, nearby to “ Cranes “. If she has cried, it could rescue, but the man has threatened to kill, and the girl was silent.

- When she has come back home, parents were in shock: the girl has come absolutely naked, - the public prosecutor

1 department of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, the state accuser Olga Chernova tells.

Has sent the judge and it is proud has left

Process on business of the pedophile - the recidivist was closed. Not to injure victims. But to families, whose children have suffered, all the same it was necessary to pass through all circles of a hell.

- Zhurlov behaved simply dreadfully, - remembers Chernova. - Under the law the defendant has the right to ask suffered questions. So it scoffed at girls literally, asked: “ And you remember, where at me a birthmark? “.

Girls cried and were pressed in shops. The defendant threatened parents and promised to revenge, as soon as leaves. Even jurymen whom Zhurlov has requested in hope on repeated, as well as in 95 year, mitigation of punishment till now cannot come to the senses.

to Yury Zhurlovu have brought accusation at once under several articles: rapes, violent acts of sexual character and beating of the police officer. A state accuser has requested 22 years, the lawyer asked to justify upon an attack on the militiaman.

Jurymen recognised as its guilty but as soon as the judge has started to read to a sentence, Zhurlova should be removed from a court hall. The man has started to shout, swore on the judge.

the Defendant have sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, and also have obliged to pay 2 million roubles to the suffered girls and their parents.

In ten days the sentence will come into force. Really and in 20 years Yury Zhurlov leaves and again will open hunting for children? It is quite made and treatment does not need, but physicians have revealed at it a psychological deviation - at the man pathological passion to little girls.

Names and surnames of victims and witnesses are changed.

And you that think about it?

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