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In Kuzbas there is a preparation for a swimming season

That people felt in security, in area the commission on protection of life of people on water is organised. Representatives of regional administration have entered into it, Agencies on protection of the population and territory of the Kemerovo region housing and communal services, Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of protection of the rights of consumers, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and VOSVODa. By the chairman of the commission the assistant to the governor Alexander Naumov is appointed.

- We will conduct public control in all areas where it is planned to organise bathing, - has told the chairman of the council of Kemerovo regional organisation VOSVOD Vladimir Stepanov. - it is necessary, that for a swimming season in rest zones saving fasts, medical aid stations and points of militia and that they have been equipped as it is necessary worked. Here, for example, the viewing point from which rescuers observe of bathing people, should be high. Because from coast it is heavy to notice that is created in water, be even the rescuer growth in metre eighty. The platform should be covered because under the scorching sun it is possible to stay unless half an hour Is necessary also a telescope, the field-glass, a whistle. Fast should be equipped by saving means: the small size vessel, life buoys and waistcoats, the first-aid set instantly to assist the suffered person. For children and those who is not able to float, it is necessary to organise the separate places fenced with floats and with depth no more of metre. A bathing zone to limit to buoys.

experts will give Special attention also to information tablets: will designate places where bathing is forbidden, will place tablets with behaviour rules on water. This year preparation for a swimming season is conducted very actively. In Kemerovo for arrangement of beaches have already allocated 200 thousand roubles, the contribution will be brought also by businessmen. This summer at us four zones of rest will operate: on the Kemerovo island, near Red lake, boat station the Seagull and the Right harbour. As these places will be well ready to a swimming season, will write in one of the nearest numbers after there will pass their check.