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Apartment privatisation: to hurry or pogodit?

Before the termination of free privatisation remains ever less time (we will remind, it stops on January, 1st, 2007) . We solve hot a question: to whom to hurry up to make out apartment in the property and it is more favourable to whom to live in the municipal.

that shines to proprietors

the New Housing code and other laws a housing package impose on proprietors of habitation hard burden. If you privatise apartment be ready to the following to surprises .
+ the norm of the former legislation for which major repairs of houses with the privatised apartments were paid at the expense of municipality or the state Is cancelled. Thus, expenses on capital repairs are shifted on shoulders of proprietors. It will lead to payment increase for housing - utilities. Under the forecast of the deputy of Galina HOVANSKY, payments can grow on third.

+ the tax to property is raised from owners of the privatised apartments. It is charged annually, proceeding from a balance estimation of habitation, according to BTI.

+ Under the new Housing code the earth under the house belongs to proprietors of apartments. Therefore after registration pridomovoj the territory should pay for it the ground tax. With January, 1st, 2006 it will pay off by a new technique and can make no more than 0,3 % from cadastral cost of a site.

on the other hand, pridomovoj it is possible to dispose of territory favourably (for example to lease) and to receive incomes.

+ in the near future will impose the tax to real estate (it will replace existing taxes to property and the earth). New a tax will pay off proceeding from cost of the apartment close to market price. For proprietors of habitation in big cities payments can appear rather considerable.

+ if the house goes under a pulling down the proprietor irrespective of, how much members of household huddle in apartment, cannot count on improvement of living conditions. Moreover, proceeding from the new Housing code to allocate new equivalent apartment of the power are not obliged. According to item 32 ZHK the proprietor obtains monetary compensation. In it joins both market cost of former apartment, and expenses which should be incurred for acquisition by new habitation (expenditure for moving, transportation of things and etc.) .

Tenants of municipal apartments are seriously limited in the right of the order by habitation. If you do not privatise apartment you are expected by following inconveniences:

2 to rent habitation it is possible only from the consent najmodatelja. From his name usually acts housing - the operational organisation: the MISINFORMATION, REU and etc.

2 installation and the subsequent residence permit of new tenants, including relatives, also needs the consent najmodatelja. Besides, it is required to observe norm of a living space: if with the advent of the next member of household it can be broken, installation of such person is forbidden.

! These severe rules do not extend on parents, children and the spouse (spouse) of the owner of municipal apartment: they can be installed without restrictions (item 1 of item 70 ZHK).

2 to Move and write out from municipal apartment the former spouse (spouse) it is almost unreal. According to item item 4 69 ZHK if the citizen has ceased to be a member of a family of the employer (i.e. the owner of municipal habitation) it nevertheless saves the same rights what the employer and members of his family have.

2 if the employer of municipal apartment will run into debt payments for housing and utilities more than for 6 months it is moved in much more modest premises on norms of a hostel .

the Proprietor of apartment for whom it is the unique place of residence, cannot be deprived the habitation in any situations, except credit non-payment if the apartment is got on a mortgage.

2 with municipal habitation it is impossible to conclude transactions: to sell, give, change, bequeath. In case of death of the employer in apartment remain to live the members of a family registered in it.