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15 years for murder of the wife and the future child

on September, 20th in Regional court the sentence on business 22 - the summer inhabitant of Bataysk Andrey Mamedov who in March of this year has killed the wife - 24 - summer Ekaterina has been pronounced. It has intentionally brought the wife to a forest belt and has hammered in it lomikom to death. Inexplicable cruelty! During that moment Katya was five months gone. The orphan there was their joint two-year daughter Karina.

Mamedov is accused under article 105 a part 2 point G the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Murder of the woman in a pregnancy status ) . To it have awarded 15 years in a high security colony. The defendant expected softer punishment. The lawyer asked for it 5 years, considering early age, infantilism and so on. Most likely, within ten days put under the law Mamedov will try to appeal against sentence.

some times adjudgment was postponed from - for ostensibly feeling sick of the defendant: at it that pressure skipped, the jaundice has prevailed against.

- we cannot influence a judgement. Its act merits a life imprisonment. To it to wash away guilt nothing! - the relative of dead Katya Irina Dubenko speaks. - To us to endure one more court, but already under the civil suit - concerning Mamedov`s deprivation of the fatherly rights concerning Kariny.

Katerina MIGULINA.