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Without it I will not live!


All Novocherkassk is shaken by the awful tragedy played in a unique high-rise hostel Southern - Russian gostehuniversiteta. 21 - the summer Alexey Zorenko, trying to get to favourite through a window, has broken and has broken to death. After it its girl has jumped. That evening Alexey with the friends 12 has decided to drink from a hostel of beer. Nadja Petrov at this time was in the room with girlfriends.
it is visible, to it it became boring, and she too has decided to descend to somebody on a visit. Anyway, when about twelve nights Alexey was knocked to it at a door, anybody to it has not opened. From a room quiet music reached, light made the way. Nadja did not open, but he has been assured that the girl inside. In the student of the fifth year of mountain faculty the jealousy has leapt. He has suspected that it does not open, because not one.

- Lesha was not drunk, - the friend with whom he spent that fatal evening tells. - we - that also have drunk a few beer. And then it has gone to Nade...

Having left unsuccessful attempts to achieve the answer, the student under the pressure of the gushed emotions has decided to deduce favourite on pure water at any cost. In his head the adventurous plan immediately was born: from a window on the eighth floor to go down on the seventh on a wall and the eyes to see that occurs in its room, and, can, and get there.

- Alexey has come to me and has asked a room key, - neighbour Zorenko from the eighth floor is distressed. - as if under a pretext to spend time with Nadej while the room is free. To me then and to a head could not come that he will take in head to make...

we for certain never learn that the guy, tried to go down almost on a steep wall felt to get through a window to the girl. However it has overestimated the forces and could not execute the conceived. It is not known, what is the time he struggled for the life, clinging weakening hands to eaves. The neighbour, the key which has seen at slightly opened doors, has suspected wrong and, having entered into a room, has found out Alexey behind a window. Having hastened to help the friend, the guy has not had time to call anybody to the aid and has tried to pull out it alone. However forces of Leshi were already on exod, and it has broken downwards.

All truth of Nade did not begin to tell. As to us have informed in Fast when she has seen a body favourite, he still breathed. Girlfriends have withdrawn it from an awful show and as could, have tried to revive. Then anybody also has not remembered that one year ago Nadja, having quarrelled with Leshej whom it met from the first course, already tried to commit suicide. Last time it has opened to herself veins, but all has come to the end safely.

- We have given it sedatives, and it more - has less come to the senses from shock, - its girlfriend remembers. - but she terribly worried about Leshu, has told even that if he will die, it will be thrown out from a window after it.

an hour later from Novoshakhtinsk, whence there has arrived for study to Novocherkassk Zorenko, there have arrived his parents. All hostel already hooted by then, as a beehive. The hearings quickly crept away, nelepee and it is more terrible than one another. In turmoil someone having forgotten has mentioned at Nade that Lesha has died. The girl hoping that the favourite will survive, as if has lost mind. She has there and then tried to execute promised and has rushed to a window. Girlfriends hardly managed to keep it.
It seemed, she has calmed down and even has gone off to sleep. But here tragical accident has interfered: one of the girlfriends who were looking after it, it became bad. At the girl the asthma attack has begun, and she with girl-friends has left to take fresh air. And then they with horror have seen, how Nadja has headlong rushed through all floor to the central balcony and, having flung the door open, was threw out directly on hostel steps. The second time to stop it were not in time.

now the majority of the students knowing Nadju and Leshu personally, is not present in a hostel: have parted on funeral - to Novoshakhtinsk and a village Kanevsky Krasnodar territory, Nadja whence came.


Elena CHESHUINA, the director of student small town JURGTU:

- Certainly, all of us have been dumbfounded by that has occurred. What a pity that such young, nice pair was lost. Though something similar from Alexey, perhaps, could be expected. Subordinates have reported on me that they had strange enough relations: they periodically roughly quarrelled, it even beat out doors in its room then as were roughly reconciled. However, maybe, it also was their true love. Alexey was clockwork, flashing, as jula. And such tragical exod. It would be desirable to warn other young men, it is necessary after all to appreciate more both the life, and life and nerves of the relatives.