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In Rostov two working


For two days, on September, 23rd and 24 were lost, in Rostov there were accidents on the manufacture, the carried away lives of two persons. 23 - go in 14. 30 from a roof of a two-storeyed building in an industrial zone to the address a lane Machine-building, 11 (in a building the office of the mechanised column is located) two workers - roofers together with a high-rise cradle have broken. According to eyewitnesses, men have too overloaded the lift with boards, besides have climbed in it together while it is calculated on one person. As a result the cable has not sustained and has broken. People have fallen to a mount of boards. 45 - the summer worker has died on the spot, and 39 - summer has received serious traumas - crisis of the left hip, a stomach trauma, shock of the first degree, lacerations of hands. The victim delivered in branch sochetannoj traumas BSMP - 2. On September, 24th in 18. 30 in billiard club the Gold cat (the prospectus Budennovsky, 80) was lost 21 - the summer worker. The tragedy has happened, of course, not behind a billiard table, and during manufacture of civil work in a club cellar. The brigade of builders was engaged in dismantle of walls - owners were going to do re-planning. Suddenly one of walls has failed directly on the young man. To arrival First aid he has died.
it is obvious that in all cases the safety precautions have been broken. Both victims - visitors, in the first case - from Moldova, in the second - from Bashkiria. In desire to earn people are ready to risk the life, and quite often it comes to an end terribly.