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The Rostov pilot has photographed an UFO

Elena`s LITVINCHUK Photo

the Former navigator of civil aircraft Vyacheslav Isaev specially has arrived in Zhukovsky to look at a traditional air show. Here rostovchanin almost every year meets friends and colleagues. There is everyone therefore the pilot always takes with itself the camera.

- was nearby 10. 30. Exact time I will not tell. Frenchmen just came on a bend, - Vyacheslav tells. - my friend removed this moment on a digital videocamera, one more - on the digital camera, and I - a usual soap tray.

According to rules, besides Frenchmen in the sky was nobody. Vyacheslav says that especially did not stare on the parties - watched flight of planes. On returning to Rostov, the former pilot has given a film from an air show on development. And when has received photos, has not believed to the eyes: to the left of planes zavis any object. Has looked at the previous shots - anything! When at the desire of the navigator in a photo salon have increased a shot, Vyacheslav has seen that borders of the cone-shaped object very similar to breadboard models of UFO in the Hollywood films have accurately appeared. Even employees of salon having marvelled, have there and then told that it is obviously neolearnt flying object. The former pilot has attentively studied a film, but anything superfluous and has not noticed...
- I have told about it to friends, have decided to look at their shots, - Isaev tells. - At them only planes, and at me still this piece. I do not know how to explain a phenomenon... It is visible, what not a dirigible balloon, not a bird...

Vyacheslav Isaev - the pilot with 14 - the summer experience. Speaks, has visited almost everywhere, and here UFO never faced. Only once heard stories of colleagues, as in area Hunts - Mansijsky district over plane zavisli three neolearnt objects.
- itself did not see, therefore I will not confirm, - the navigator speaks. - Among pilots it is not accepted to gossip about UFO. And here the such! Though all the same I do not believe. Let ufologists understand.

Extraterrestrial civilisations constantly supervise us

Igor MIROSHNIK, the expert concerning the abnormal phenomena in environment:

- In due time I instructed officers SKVO - how to behave at a meeting with UFO. Many pilots observed the neolearnt phenomena in air. And around the Veselovsky water basin on a broader scale twice the same pilot from Bataysk aviasmall town got to accident from - for UFO. In both cases it catapulted from the burning plane. The military Office of Public Prosecutor wanted it to condemn - two planes has ruined! But I have helped to justify the pilot, having proved that it was attacked actually by a sphere. Because this person - too the pilot, I is inclined to believe that its pictures from UFO - original though time and again faced qualitative fakes. Anything surprising - extraterrestrial civilisations constantly supervise us or, say, carry out monitoring. It is noticed that these objects always appear during air crashes. On many photos and videocassettes they can be distinguished. Probably, pilot possesses the unusual abilities allowing it to expand a spectrum of the perception.

has written down Katerina MIGULINA.