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Schoolboys have coveted garbage butts with patterns

While 10 - the summer boy with a companion stole aluminium urns from native school, 13 - summer laid chickie.

Vihrin, Ryabinin and Petrov study at one school, truth in different classes. The senior from them, Petrov, is registered in the eighth, Ryabinin - in the fifth, and Vihrin, smallest of all company, - in the third class. The age difference at all has not prevented teenagers to find the general interests and affairs. Here and on it action they have gone together. At native school there were mass discos and evenings, therefore on the boys who have come to school towards evening, nobody has paid attention. Using universal turmoil, Vihrin and Ryabinin have passed on the second floor and have thrown out an aluminium urn which they have looked for a long time already in a window. They have left Petrov below on streme.

an urn teenagers have handed over Razdobytuju in point of reception of nonferrous metal, and money has lost on computers. For the second day they have repeated the calling, and it is again successful.

However, on it their adventures at native school have ended. In spite of the fact that all history has occurred in the end of December, the statement for theft from school has got to militia only in February.

and Petrov has brought him. As it has appeared, the eighth-grader costs on the account, and from it have demanded the characteristic from school. Teachers have written a paper, but, using an opportunity also have passed the statement.

employees of department on affairs of minors October RUVD there and then undertook Petrov and for couple of days have untwisted all gang.

- to Petrov as to the senior, a distance of 20 days of abiding in the Center of time isolation of minor offenders, - Larissa TIMOFEEVA, inspector PDN has informed. - the Others while have not grown to punishment yet.

By the way, on court the eighth-grader has declared that he was led astray by third-grader Vihrin and fifth-grader Ryabinin - is sick it flabby and in what refuse to the younger companions cannot.

(surnames of characters are changed.)