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Rostov chernobylets has won court in Strasbourg

Katerina mig@kprostov. ru

Three years waited for this day 52 - summer rostovchanin, the invalid - chernobylets Vladimir Denisenkov. And, at last, on September, 22nd it has received a news that has carried case in the European court under human rights. Vladimir Nikolaevich has directed the claim to Strasbourg after was tired to wait for execution of the decision of May Day district court about indexation of payments due to it on compensation of harm to health taking into account growth of the minimum wage rate (minimum wage rate). There was it in 1999! But the government of Russia did not hurry up to take seriously the decision so small scale. Despite poor health, Denisenkov has not receded, and now within three months it should get transfer from Strasbourg - three thousand euro, truth, in roubles!
- I am, of course, happy that the European judges have proved my case, - Vladimir Nikolaevich speaks. - But three thousand euro is only indemnification for moral harm, without indexation. Therefore while early to put pads it is necessary to defend the rights further - through the Sovereign or Constitutional courts.
Vladimir Denisenkova`s persistence can be envied only. It became the second person in Russia, carried case in the European court on a Chernobyl question. Our fellow countryman - Victor Burdov from Mines has appeared the first, by the way, too in 2003.
Burdov and Denisenkov declared in the claims indemnification in 15 and 13 thousand euro accordingly. But the court has stopped on the sum of 3 thousand.

- as dispose of money?
- probably, I will spend them for treatment, we will go with the wife to sanatorium. All the same from the state a vacation package you will not wait.
brothers by misfortune - chernobyltsy come now to Vladimir Denisenkovu on consultation - too want to repeat its way.