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Such brothel with transport otrodjas was not!

the Stop the Area of Combatants

Olga Sidorenko, student RGU:
- every morning I go to university. It is necessary to stick out at a stop on half an hour, to be nervous, and not the fact that you will leave. On B.Sadovoj only two minibuses - 40 and 67 now go. They are always hammered. I prefer minibuses, because a trip in the morning in the bus - the present test.

Dmitry Bublikov, the engineer:
- Transport goes very badly! I work on the area Energetikov. In rush hours it is impossible to leave! I accept minibuses which go on Krasnoarmejsky. Recently have added two more additional - 67 and 40, but it has not changed a situation.

the Stop Northern market

Ivan Ivanovich, the pensioner:
- I have fulfilled in transport management of 25 years, carried the heads. Such brothel which exists now, never was. I need to leave on Budennovsky, but the bus I wait already approximately for 40 minutes. Who could entrust ATP - 5 to carry people? This enterprise serves just the routes necessary to me 45, 47, 21. It is possible to leave on a stop in six mornings, but before seven you will not leave. The huge crowd gathers and at a stop Narimanova and the first 77 - j the bus approaches exactly at seven o`clock. Where transport?

Tamara Nikolaevna Tyurin, voennosluzhashchaja:
- Almost every day I use 94 - m a route. Till August buses went well, they had a schedule, they went approximately through everyone 8 - 10 minutes. Now I stand at stops on 15 - 20 minutes. In this time gathers twice more people, in them you will not sit down, therefore it is necessary to pass. Minibuses go the hammered. I work on Western. If reached there for 40 minutes now, not to be late earlier, I leave for two hours!

the Stop Final

Ivan Aleksandrovich Mihajlovsky, the chief of a site on building:
- it was difficult to leave Aleksandrovka, and now simply horror Earlier. Not to be late for work, it is necessary to leave in an hour, moreover hour to stay. And all the same for work I am late on 30 - 40 minutes. The stop on the prospectus 40 - letija Victories around a dispatching office is not legalised, drivers want - will stop, do not want - will drive by. It is necessary the people living there, whole stop to go, and soon winter, a wind! Drivers simply illiterate, do not know stops, a route too. How it is possible for such firm to trust to serve people on transport?!

Valentina Pavlovna, the construction superintendent:
- Eternally I am late for work of minutes on 40 though I leave in an hour. Mockery at people is simple. One month ago though minibuses quickly approached - one behind one, and now 14 - go simply will not wait. Drivers say that it is not favourable to them to carry, it is not enough people, and you look, what turns. Also it is few people!


Victor the POKER, the assistant to the head of administration on a road complex:

- the approaching winter does not call us a panic a situation with transport. Even in spite of the fact that middle age of a rolling stock - 15 years - and the prices on gorjuche - lubricants constantly grow in Rostov. You think, I sit here and I do not know, what in streets is created? In the morning I am informed, how much buses and minibuses at me have gone out of doors. During competition we have rejected 77 big buses, 16 small and 144 fixed-route taxis. I will separately tell on minibuses. What occurs, when instead of one big bus which transports 130 passengers, there are 10 fixed-route taxis? In - the first, the ecology - after all it in 6 - 7 times more emissions suffers affliction. In - the second, it is huge loading on transport system of our city. Besides, a minibus - one of the most dangerous vehicles. The following moment: you represent, what means to prepare one driver or 10? The enterprises do not have such possibility therefore take for work of those who though on any minimal requirements approaches under this category. So that we teleologically destroy this type of transport - I consider remarks, are unfair. We search for the compromise. Yes, we have nurtured the passenger on minibuses, but it does not mean that we should stop today public transport and instead of thousand big buses to enter 13 thousand minibuses. It will mean a paralysis of all city.

it is told! . In all Europe journey costs 1,5 euros. From here and quality. Does not happen so that we paid the one fifth euro, and quality on 1,5 demanded! Our passengers are indignant: do not tyre out us more in these dushegubki! Why we will not tyre out? Look, there it is pure, good, window leaves are opened, the driver polite sits, music easy plays, not a chanson. All Europe goes by trams, and we abrupt - submit to everyone on a minibus. Well so give to everyone on a jeep we will buy!

. After to me have charged to supervise a road complex, I and itself sometimes with pleasure use public transport.
- in the mornings?
- and in the mornings too, truth, on Saturday when there is more free.

. When to me have told that on 9 - m a route T.Rynok - the Western moving grobovozki go, I have not believed.
and has then gone - really! Ran paziki and behind at them an aperture for loading of coffins.

* Victor Kocherga on a press - conferences on September, 26th.

a material have prepared Julia BANISHEVSKY,
Katerina MIGULINA,
and Svetlana DRUZHININ.