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On border with Ukraine have lulled a bear cub - the circus actor

One of these days in edition have called our reader Svetlana Gorbunova and, without crying nearly, has informed news:
- Mitka was such kind, hotly loved people, and they have lulled him! Till now I can not believe! Horror...

nice small toptun has lodged some years ago in a roadside cafe at customs fast Cheerfully - Voznesenka that on border of Russia and Ukraine. Local tell that fast crossed a chapiteau, but circus actors had not as it should be documents. While the head of group understood with customs officers, employees have lodged in hostel. And steels to come off under the full program. In general when customs officers have allowed to cross border, circus actors were unable pay for meal, binge and a roof over the head. The owner demanded money and immediately. Debtors, without hesitation, have offered instead of the small trained bear cub. Pier, we will come back - we will repay a debt, we will take away the clumsy. And toptun - simply charm: a sweet temper and when posed a muzzle, all were filled in with rough laughter. How to refuse from such simpatjagi? So the circus bear began to work professional zazyvaloj.

to cafe well-disposed ranks of visitors and fans Also were pulled to take a look at such miracle. Mitka did not bring and amused the people. Kiddies of soul in it not chajali also drove round dances.

- we on fast waited for the friends who were coming back from Ukraine, - Svetlana Gorbatov tells. - have decided to have a bite in a cafe when have suddenly seen in a cage at a terrace of a nice bear cub. Clean, well-groomed, amusing. He behaved, as the present actor on a scene. Even it became a pity it, not the place to it was in a cage...

it is clear that nobody was going to set an animal free. The manual bear hardly would survive in wild conditions. So from a cage the bear also looked at the people, but once to the owner officials have welcomed. Documents on the fan of honey and a raspberry at it, naturally, it has not appeared. toptuna have tried to attach in a local zoo. It has not turned out. Then have made other decision - to lull Mitku.
- to Whom could prevent such simpatjaga? - Svetlana Gorbatov speaks. - All loved its districts, kiddies to it carried sweets, and him have killed...

to us nobody was converted

Nina EVTUSHENKO, the deputy director on zootechnical work of the Rostov zoo:
- In the organisation charter validity of the maintenance of wild animals should be reflected. About this history I hear for the first time. It would be desirable to tell, people are obliged to understand all responsibility when get a large predator. And if it does not get on with the owner? The zoo not always can accept an animal. Our territory not rubber There is a probability that for it it will not be elementary places. Recently nobody applied to us to take away a predator. Basically, bring parrots, turtles, padded birds.

Olga KUPOROVA. irina@kprostov. ru
the Photo from edition archive.