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the Bald head decorates the man!

the egg yolk strengthens hair

% - Good afternoon, my name is Lyudmila Valentinovna. To my grandson of 17 years, at it dandruff.
- and with health at it problems are not present?
- Is. Sight bad, with vessels something, a backbone curvature.
- and dandruff what?
- white, as snow. Earlier it was cut nalyso - it was visible not, and now, vish, it be not become fashionable bald to go. At it still problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path.
- Lyudmila Valentinovna, at first it is necessary to eliminate problems with health. At those people who is ill nothing, problems do not happen to hair.
- Perhaps shampoos from dandruff to try?
- certainly, it is necessary to try different shampoos, to experiment. More often that name dandruff, is so-called seborejnyj dermatit. On the one hand it is considered not a serious illness, but on the other hand with it it is very difficult to consult. Try to rinse a head a camomile, a nettle, to rub repejnoe butter. In a drugstore it is possible to buy special shampoos, losony.

% is Oksana Gajvoronsky you disturbs. My grandmother said that in youth washed a head with an egg yolk. Ostensibly it very much strengthens hair. It is truth?
- truth. Such way of washing of a head very ancient. Besides reduces quantity of dandruff.

% - Ivan Vladimirovich! I am Larissa, it seems to me that recently at me began to drop out more hair. Approximately 60 - 70 in day.
- be not stirred, at you that`s OK, in norm in day should drop out about 100 hair. You know, the most terrible in our work are women who come and complain that at them literally the bald head was generated. You look, a hairdress - simply it is possible to envy. No, speaks, it is strewed, thins. It is necessary to convince simply the patient that that`s OK. So it is necessary to work and the psychotherapist.

Luzhkov its bald head

does not stir % - I Greet all gathered! He is Victor Jurevich Birjumov from Morozovska. If there are effective ways of a hair reconstruction why the hairdress at our president every year thins and why a bald head Berezovsky till now carries?
- well, not only Berezovsky, but also Luzhkov, for example. Victor Jurevich how you think, and it stirs them, this bald head? It is necessary for them: to restore hair, to spend enormous money. For the sake of what? I understand, when the woman loses hair, well and the classical bald head even decorates the man! Besides, girls love bald men, consider their sexual. So our president - the man without complexes.

% - Good afternoon! My name is Marina Viktorovna. The doctor, tell, and with a grey hair it is possible to make something?
- effectively only to paint over. The grey hair is an infringement of pigmentation of hair. I will tell, by the way, that a grey hair - stronger. At ochagovoj alopetsii - a hair fall on separate sites - they remain. I had a patient with a smart head of hear - a mix black and grey-haired. And when at it illness black hair have dropped out only has begun.

% - On a wire Natalia Selina. A leah tell, please, necessarily to give the one-year-old child a crew cut? My mum speaks: from all eternity cut, it is necessary also our Danilku to cut short .
- And what for?
- That hair were more dense!
- certainly, it is not necessary, these are prejudices! In such hairstyle there is no necessity. Hair after it to grow do not begin is better. Speed of their growth and density are programmed genetically so scissors will solve nothing.

a white lock on a head of the brunette - a genius sign

% - Hello, my name is Natalia, I from Egorlyka call. To my husband - 27 years, two and a half a month back at it the shred of hair in size with pigeon egg - around an ear has unexpectedly disappeared. Hair on this place do not grow at all. At it such already was - five years ago after stress. Then have anointed with any ointment - has passed, and now does not help.
- most likely, it ochagovaja alopetsija. I will tell at once, on restoration of roots of hair will leave till 3 months. Treatment is appointed depending on a disease stage. They are allocated conditionally with three: a progress stage when hair are strewed. This stage is easy for defining if to pull for hair on centre edge: the head of hear remains in hands. A stationary stage when the centres are in a quiet status. And, at last, a recourse stage when hair start to grow. At a progressing stage it is necessary to block immune process - to use steroid ointments, to cut away the centres special medicines. When hair start to grow, the physiotherapy which improves the blood supply, irritating external therapy, for example, pepper tincture is useful.

% - Hello! My name is Anna. With my daughter the boy who does not have shred of hair goes to school. I here that want to learn: these alopetsii are not infectious?
- is not present.
- And what can be infectious?
- cat`s deprive. Its children cling from contact to cats, dogs. Kids from street you will not drag off, while all of them having a tail will not iron. On a head the centre - a round shelled bald head is formed. If parents normal, - lead at once the child to the doctor. If is not present - start to treat: ointments, folk remedies, yet will not start illness. In school and kindergartens with lishajami do not start up.
- and what preventive maintenance? The child even to house cats not to admit?
- well, what for? If have seen the centre of disease at a cat - as soon as possible show to its veterinary surgeon. At animals deprive it is treated very quickly.

% is you Inga disturbs. My husband - the brunette, but one of locks at it light, directly white. A leah dangerously it?
- it is absolutely not dangerous and even it is considered a genius sign.

the direct line was prepared by Olga CHEPURNAJA. ola@kprostov. ru