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I have fallen in love with the poor guide

Favourite hi! Has decided to share with you the problem. More correctly, two. In - the first, I have fallen in love with the guide. And in - the second, it for 14 years is more younger me. To me of 35 years, was married, yes it is unsuccessful. So to say, have not got on together. I then young was, silly. Lived in poverty, with his parents and fought for each copeck. Understand that for life - life. We have divorced in three years. Former I married the second time, at them kiddies have gone. And I so was bothered with poverty that I began to work, as damned. Anybody around did not notice. Now at me a small network of grocery stalls. The income small, but stable. I will not hide, muzhiks at me were, but all as - that is frivolous. This summer I have decided to have a rest. Has gone to Sochi. Holiday has turned out remarkable, even with an obligatory holiday romance. And on the way back, in a train has got acquainted with the guide, 21 - the summer boy. It has brought to me the tea, then goodness knows where from undertaken cake. Conversation was quickly fastened, and it seemed to me that we know each other all life. By midnight he already held me by the hand, we could not have a good long talk. It and has not left my compartment till the morning. Now we meet almost every day. You will not believe, but I have fallen in love with this silly dark-haired fellow. It so ridiculously looks after me: on - it is youthfully ardent, gentle, passionate. Money at it, of course, is not present.

Earns copecks, educations - any. Why it has sunk down so to me in soul - mind I will not put. He lives in Rostov, but comes to me to Taganrog each days off. We wander on parks, quay, having joined hands, and we rejoice to each minute spent together. Yesterday just there was one of such days. He has suggested me to marry it! Mind I understand what to do it it is not necessary, but to heart after all will not order! I the independent, self-sufficient woman. I am afraid again of scandals from - for money. I am afraid to hang up to myself on a neck of the child. Though... To me a leah already is time to think of children, not so? Perhaps, you will advise to me how to be? To agree on its offer or to drive it: from eyes down with from heart? A leah such mismatch is possible? Perhaps someone knows similar examples? Also can support me or damp an ardour? Victoria, Taganrog.

women, do not become quarrelsome women!

Hello, dear edition! Why - that in your heading the Man and the woman more often sad stories: changes, betrayings, misfortunes. Why you write: Attention! The best history of month... what it the best? Perhaps it will seem to you the self-centered statement, but the best history - mine! My name is Inna, me 23 years. I am very happy! Now I in life have everything that is necessary, is a loving and favourite husband, the higher education, quite good work, the family, and I am assured that I will be happy always. Because it is not necessary to wait for happiness, it should be built!
we with Dimoj do all together: we look football and kuporim cucumbers, we fish and we go shopping. Dima I live for me, and - for it. I cannot put into words the happiness! I would like to share it with everything, it would be desirable to sing and be turned!
I want to give advice to readers Perhaps many, having read, will tell: Yes that she knows about life, after all absolutely still the young! and still, the woman, do not become quarrelsome women, do not give in bytovuhe - struggle with it! Do not want, that to you the husband has changed, - prove to it that is better you are not present anybody in the world! Be tinted, make packing, make toilet and meet the husband from work with love, with a smile, and, believe, he will make a supper! Not be identical and daily, bring in your life bright paints! It is impossible? Draw, eventually, a rainbow (on kitchen, for example)!
Dear thrown ladies, do not wash off to holes nasal kerchiefs. Rectify the errors and become such that all have told: Here it is the woman!
store in memory only the good and happy moments of your life. And the most important thing: never about what do not feel sorry! At you all will be!

Inna Leonov.
dear readers! We continue to publish your surprising vital stories. At times Lev Tolstoi could envy artful designs of our destinies. But not always there is a possibility to complain even to the most close people. As it is known, any problems are better for solving the whole world, together. Suddenly someone from our readers can help you - advice or business. So we wait for your letters from a photo (but it is possible anonymous) with a mark the Man and the woman to the address: 344010, Rostov-on-Don, and/ I 575. If to you is what to tell to people, we have published whose letters today, call in edition - on - Don by phone (863 291 - 06 - 00 or send messages on electronic mail: ola@kprostov. ru.



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