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The inhabitant of Novocherkassk has found the sister - bliznjashku later 13 years

One of the happiest days in life of the inhabitant of Novocherkassk Leonid Nikitovicha Zolotyh has happened on September, 24th. Later 13 years it has found the sister - bliznjashku! It has appeared, the most native person of our fellow countryman lives in a deaf small village of Kazakhstan, where also phone - that one on some honeycombs of inhabitants.
- communication with the sister we have lost 13 years ago, - with tears in the face of Leonid Nikitovich has told. - at us in a family it is got to all feasts of a card each other to send. And suddenly, at the very beginning of 90 - h - any news. Where I only was not converted: both in militia, and on television, and to Kazakhstan where she lived. Answers came the such: Write number of the marriage certficate of the sister Yes whence I know it!? I remember only that Tatyana Nikitichna her name is, the husband - Jasha. I that only have not changed the mind! Perhaps happens that, can, with Jashkoj what problems? And I will die, we will not see...
Round Leonid Nikitovicha the people have gathered. Tens people with photos in hands which have come on program shootings Wait for me for the only purpose - to find the family, - it is sympathetic zakivali heads. And suddenly the head of the Rostov regional bureau of the program - Vadim Arutyunov - has put in hands novocherkastsu a mobile phone:
- We have phoned to your sister, it is live, cries here for pleasure that you were!
the dumbfounded Leonid Nikitich at first has become puzzled, and then could not stop any more, all time repeating: Tanja! as if without believing in the happiness:
- I so am glad, directly heart presses! Tanja, thank God, you are live, washing the native! God grant to look at you though with half an eye. Tanja! At me one grandson, has gone to school, Serezhenkoj call. However, now he was wounded, but I hope that all will be good. Tanja! And I have learnt at once thy voice. And you mine, I see, you do not learn. And what has happened? Such event, Lora! Oh, Tanja! She is my daughter - Lora. I you whole and Nadja, the wife washing, too. Write you to me all in detail, and then I will write to you. From - for euphoria of shooting were tightened. Those who searches for the children, parents, friends and even doggies, had a hope. But the Moscow directors are unshakable: only 10 heroes from region. On shootings has come in 10 times more. superfluous did not begin to remove: it is useless, all the same in an aether will not pass. But the chance is at everyone. New shootings are appointed to the end of the year.

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Svetlana`s DRUZHININOJ Photo.

Mother believes that by means of television it again will meet favourite Mashenkoj.
Fortunetellers say that my daughter is live!

- I search for the daughter Mashenku Gorbach, she was born on August, 31st, 1986, and was gone in 2003, she was 16 years old. The banal formulation - has gone for a walk and has not returned. We lived in Rostov, she studied in 98 - j in school. Never it from the house has run, was obedient, with the boy was on friendly terms. All children saw that it about 10 o`clock in the evening has gone home, but apartment and is not has reached... To fortunetellers went. Repeat that it is live, ostensibly it where - that have taken away - to Volga. For all time there was to me on a mobile phone only one suspicious call. In some days after its disappearance to me have called from the Moscow cellular. Communication has broken almost at once. I do not change till now mobile phone number - I wait that the daughter will call.

to the Family Smartly of the grandfather is reminded only by this ancient photo.
I Search in America for relatives of the husband

- My name is Irina Bojko, I from Azov. I want to find in America relatives of the husband. At it there a heap of second cousins and sisters. And history here what. At the tsar my Vova`s granduncle - Nikolay Ostapuk - together with the wife Dashej have left to America on earnings, lived near New York. At them was two sons and 7 grandsons. Like, descendants even have replaced a surname of Ostapuk with the American harmony. We supported communication till 1981. Grandfather Nikolay invited us to itself - in a honeymoon trip. I then was the pregnant woman and was frightened. A physiognomy, I think, there, and the child will not give. It turns out, has prevented a meeting of the husband with the native. In the same year grandfather Nikolay has died, and we have lost communication with the his sister. Perhaps they also wrote to us, yes only we already have replaced since then four residences. In Russia at my Volodi - anybody from native. We hope to find relatives in America.