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On the bus I go for a drive also to Europe I am surprised

What route to choose For the first time of enough short tour (duration - 7 - 9 days, survey 3 - 4 countries). It is original rest, active and sated with impressions, it approaches not for all. As to routes, that popular pass through Paris. They precisely will not discourage you. Keep in mind that there are some variants of the trip. It is possible to reach by train to Moscow, and therefrom by the bus to go to Europe. More economic, but the least comfortable variant - to go from Rostov by train to Brest, and already there to wait the group. But in Brest it is necessary to spend the night at least - from 30 dollars for hostel. In what bus we will go It is calculated approximately on 50 places. A standard set of conveniences: the conditioner, a coffee maker and a dry closet just in case . Be not surprised to that the most part of a way it is closed. It becomes in your interests (present, how much goes people and how to air a premise). As everyone 3 - 4 hours will be stops at gasoline stations where it is possible to descend in a civilised way in a toilet, to wash up hands and to have a bite in cafe. What to put in a suitcase you will save on a trip if take with itself cigarettes and a film. Which - it is possible to be reserved by what goods on road, in shops duty free. From the house grasp an umbrella, shoes without a heel, warm clothes, the book (not always the view from the window impresses), and still a small pillow and a plaid for night moving. Necessarily take with itself a mobile phone. Qualitative communication, automatic roaming are very convenient at moving from the country in the country. You can operatively receive the help and advice of relatives in an inconvenient situation, and also to share impressions. As cross granitsuv Brest the bus can get to turn lasting many hours. That it to avoid, travel agencies respecting go on small cunnings. For example, can offer tourists in Brest to change on an electric train to the Polish city of Terespolja. There there is a possibility faster to pass boundary control and to change on the bus. How much money with sobojv standard tour to take included: residing in 2 - 3* hotels, breakfasts, sightseeing tours. Means, it is necessary to be spent on/ d tickets (reserved seats to Brest and back - 55 euros, a compartment - 70 euros), dinners - suppers (to 25 euros a day), entrance tickets in museums (from 4 to 12 euros), toilets (to 10 euros for all road), the visa (about 45 euros). Thus, additional expenditure are equated to cost of the tour. As will be guided in unfamiliar stranahvsju road with you accompanying. Its problem - to tell, where it is possible to eat, how much it will cost how to change currency, for what the penalty threatens and etc. Besides, in each big city you are met by the Russian-speaking guide who spends sightseeing tours. Reserve tours zaraneena visa registration time is necessary. It is given out by that country in which territory you will stay longer. As a rule, it is France. We advise to be converted into travel agency for two - three weeks to a trip. And the best places in the bus get to those who has made an application earlier. In order to avoid misunderstanding to the tourist give out the bus scheme on which its place is noted. Have prepared Dyne LITVINOVAi of Alain PAVLOVA.