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Vitas rehearsed criminal songs

Julia BANISHEVSKY yulia@kprostov. ru

the Executor of a hit the Opera 2 follows in Rostov to two traditions: to give concerts with notices and to meet the double. On Monday, on September, 26th, there was a third appointment of Vitasa with 23 - summer rostovchaninom Vitaly Cherednichenko. They have got acquainted in January of last year giving thanks and then have sung in a make-up room a duet pair of songs. At parting the original and a copy have exchanged phones. Vitas has promised to call up to the Rostov namesake and has given as a keepsake a picture in a frame. In the second time clones have met in October of last year. By then Vitalik already worked as the actor of Musical theatre. Vitas was delighted that at the double career is adjusted. The present meeting has passed even more friendly. - I have seen it on a scene during time raspevki before a concert, - the double of a star " has told; - Vitas began to rehearse long before the beginning, and it proceeded hour ones and a half. Probably, it is frightened by attacks of ill-wishers which reproach him with work under plywood. It is interesting that on rehearsal of Vitas sang nonconventional for it criminal songs, and during a concert they have not sounded. Having seen me behind side scenes, he has smiled, and we have got to talking. Vitas has asked, how much to me pay, and very much was surprised that I work at theatre for three thousand roubles. And then suddenly speaks: At you here the guy is, it to crow well is able. Betray to it greetings! conversation has proceeded in a make-up room after a concert - protection of Vitasa already knows its double and passes without problems. Vitalik has presented to a substitute a soft toy and wanted was to ask the producer help, but the singer has started talking about it. - we will necessarily sing with you a duet! To Rostov I go often and I will go, because me here well accept. And in a year we with you together will watch a film about me. There it will be obligatory the moment when we with you sang a duet in a make-up room.