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We choose batteries

What working pressure

in heating system of your house? This question is very important, as in domestic central systems of heating excess pressure quite often makes 8 - 10 atmospheres, and in skyscrapers - and to 15. And that in the winter you and your neighbours had not to bathe in boiled water, it is necessary to receive the exact information in REU (or office replacing it) or in a boiler-house which provides with water and heat your house.

one-trumpet at you

heating system

or two-trumpet?

If it at you one-trumpet, you need to concern more seriously point about working pressure. But also, buying a radiator, to take an interest, a leah it passed tests in the conditions of one-trumpet system.

what thermal capacity should be at radiators in your apartment that you have not frozen in the winter?

depending on it choose height and length of a radiator (quantity of sections).

In a midland of Russia it is approximately possible to be guided by such figures:

- the room with one external wall and one window demands 1 kw on 10 sq. m;

- a room with two external walls and one window - 1,2 kw on 10 sq. m; - a room with two external walls and two windows - not less than 1,3 kw Double-glazed windows reduce heat losses by 10 sq. m. approximately on 10 - 20 percent - in this case batteries can be less powerful.

what they happen?


Their difference most essential to the consumer from section radiators consists that the premise heats up faster. Besides, panel batteries rather aesthetically also look.

minuses - possible technical problems (see to a central board about pressure in system).

Do panel radiators of a high-quality steel.


Their properties to no small degree depend on a material of which they are made. 4 aluminium - easy enough, not bad look, differ high teplootdachej (heat up a premise faster, than, say, their pig-iron analogues). Minuses: in - the first, the high price, and in - the second, whimsicality. Not all aluminium batteries maintain a high pressure, but also, they are sensitive to acidity of water. In general before to risk to test such radiator in standard Russian conditions, it is necessary to collect a consultation of experts. 4 steel - approach for the closed systems of a heat supply where water has training special preparation more: the steel is even more strongly subject to corrosion, than aluminium. But differ very good teplootdachej. 4 Bimetallic - them they do of an aluminium and steel alloy, therefore in comparison with simply aluminium stronger. 4 pig-iron - the strongest and durable. In regular intervals radiate heat, are steady against corrosion, maintain a high pressure. In general, are unpretentious. Therefore everywhere in our country also were used. The main minus: are long warmed up and long cool down. A minus this property became since have thought up clever batteries with which can be operated by means of the thermostatic gate. Thanks to this gate in a room the set temperature necessary to you is supported. In case of the pig-iron battery the effect of management turns out greased: too long it is necessary to wait, while the battery will execute the command .

! If you buy an import radiator, can happen so that in its reality teplootdacha it will appear less, than it was promised in the catalogue. It not intrigues of foreign manufacturers - for import conditions of their figure are correct. The distributing accepted almost everywhere in our country which reduces teplootdachu radiators on 20 - 25 percent is more likely guilty. And more keep in mind: If the battery is under a window sill and behind the decorative panel, it teplootdacha also decreases.

! Before to establish batteries of panel type (see on the right), necessarily learn from experts, and that - taking into account conditions of your concrete house - as a result it will turn out. The matter is that resistance of this device to water running on it is considerable above, than at the traditional Soviet pig-iron battery. And if all tenants at once rush to change pig-iron batteries on pretty panel, there can be a disbalance of heating system of the house - speaking on - simple, serious failure.


overall performance of the battery influences even its colour. We will tell, at a radiator painted under a metallic, teplootdacha it is less, than at the traditional white battery. And the dull surface shares heat more willingly, than glossy. So, choosing colour, it is better to adhere to tradition