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“ last year the Head coach “ Rostov - Don “ Sergey Belitsky: us “ have bitten “. But we have repaid a debt! “

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Elena`s LITVINCHUK Photo.

After two tours in the championship of Russia on handball our girls share the first place in the table with “ Ladoj “ (Tolyatti) and “ the Dynamo “ (Volgograd). At three commands - on 14 points. Sergey Belitsky`s command has won seven matches from seven. However on recent a press - conferences the head coach “ Rostov - Don “ it was serious:
- Despite successful result, I have seen defects in our game which are necessary for eliminating to following tour. Little girls were very well adjusted on matches in Krasnodar. It and is clear - last year us there “ have bitten “ it is possible to tell, “ have torn “. To some rivals there were debts. Here also has come to return time them (smiles). Game of our beginner of Larissa Kiselevoj pleases. Such leader did not suffice “ Rostov - Don “. Little girls see, how she gives all the best on a platform after a biennial break in career, and do not idle.

- and how the new captain Natalia Sokirkina?
- I Consider that we have correctly arrived, having appointed its captain. Natasha - the fighter to the core, and this impulse has gone to other players. On the other hand, the former captain Natalia Evtuhova too shows magnificent handball. In Krasnodar it was the best. In one match already in 13 goals has hammered!

- the best player of the recent World championship among youth Galina Gabisova now - the basic goalkeeper “ Rostov - Don “. How to you its game?
- at other goalkeeper - Olga Vorony - in the end of a season expires the contract with the command, therefore I strum Gabisovu the basic guard of gate. But in the second game with “ Kuban “ Olja us has fine gained. Thanks it.

- As you have conceived news, what Elena Sergeeva will go to Russian national team for preparation for the World championship which will pass in December in St.-Petersburg?
- well, for me it not news. Lena should grow as the sportswoman, at it now creative blossoming. In a national team I treat its absences kindly, there she gains invaluable experience. In Peter Sergeeva will go as the basic player of a national team. To it the main thing not to suffer prolonged anxiety and return to Rostov without traumas.

<> bΠεησλόςΰςϋ matches “ Rostov - Don “ in 2 - the m tour of the championship of Russia,

which has passed in Krasnodar from September, 22 till September, 25th:
“ Rostov - Don “ - “ Kuban “ (Krasnodar) - 26:24, the second match - 28:25.
“ Rostov - Don “ - “ University “ (Izhevsk) - 31:23, the second match - 10:0.
the Following tour “ Rostov - Don “ will spend in Zvenigorode from December, 24 till December, 27th. Competitors of our command will be “ the Star “ (Zvenigorod), “ the Harmony “ (Tolyatti) and “ AGU - Adyif “ (Maikop).