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The baby have thrown to church

Child have put in a package and have left to freeze on steps

Late at night, about ten hours, the minister of a temple of Prelate Nikolay that in Bottom Eltsovke, bypassed a church court yard. He absolutely precisely remembers that when left, at steps before a door lay nothing. However it was necessary to it to turn for a corner, bark of local dogs was distributed. Obviously someone has come into a gate. Well has come and has come - business habitual. Having returned to doors, he has noticed a white package in which something moved on steps.

- again a kitten have thrown! - the minister has solved. Taking a package, it has brought it in church, has brought in a room. Has put on a table, has developed and... Has not fainted nearly. In a package quietly drove a head and poorly the child - absolutely tiny, dirty, with a wet face from tears sobbed. The minister has pulled out it from a package. The child has been wrapped in a blanket, places wiped to holes, and in the one and only diaper...

To the foundling all who was nearby have run together. Nearby to a temple on apartment there live some families of orthodox believers, they - that and took the boy to themselves, the blessing that at the ten-monthly child. There the kid redeemed, have changed clothes in pure odezhku, have fed with the cow milk diluted with water. And then began to think what to do further...

next morning in apartment there was a militia.

Svetlana Protasov, the inspector on affairs of minors Soviet RUVD, the first day as left in holiday. But colleagues have asked it to go on incident as she lives nearby.

- I come to this apartment, I see: the tiny kid, is no more week to it, - Svetlana tells. - and such quiet though time would cry! I hardly directly there have not started howling... Well visors, it is natural, though women very much did not want to give. Time militia so and human in us anything is not present thought, probably, that. I speak, be not afraid: I will take care of it, I mother, at me two daughters. Lodge in the car, and it as - that has leant against me, has dozed off. And went to branch.

in RUVD to look on malchonku the turn was built. All found that the kid extremely beautiful and healthy.

- and let`s name it in honour of our chief! - someone has offered.

the idea has got accustomed instantly - the foundling was among themselves christened by Sashej in honour of chief RUVD of the Soviet area fulfilling duty Alexander Odnopleskova.

- You, Light when in hospital it you will write down, and tell: Alexander supposedly the future militiaman, - vtolkovyvali colleagues. - only a surname, probably, all - taki will give another...

Svetlana Protasov wants to adopt small the client

the Sachet has carried that the minister has noticed in time and has picked up a package.

To children`s infectious hospital 3 have phoned quickly enough. Such children are accepted, as a rule, always by them. In the same place foundlings and conscientious objectors pass full inspection, it correct documents and pass in children`s home. If, of course, nobody wants them to adopt before.

- the boy such pretty, healthy! - Marina Mihajlenko managing the fifth branch of children`s infectious hospital 3 smiles. - Certainly, it still should be surveyed. But even on external appearance it is possible to judge - look, what complexion at it and what it quiet.

Ves Sashi - 3 kgs of 100 grammes, age - 12 days.

who could throw the kid to church, the militia now finds out - for days on end they comb a private sector of Eltsovki in hope that somebody will specify on the former pregnant woman which has suddenly lost a stomach, and the child has not got...

certain features bear that childbirth was accepted professionally (for example as the umbilical cord), but not in hospital is processed: the boy does not have inoculation from a tuberculosis by which without fail do by the newborn in maternity homes.

- and you know, what its inspector has written down Alexander Protasov? - Marina Anatolevna speaks. - Has told in secret that would adopt it...

Really, Svetlana Protasov feels the strongest desire to take away the boy to itself.

Already and to the husband has consulted.

- know, the first question which to me Vitalja has set: it someone should leave us in the decree? - She laughs. - and I speak: you just on pension on age left, here and sit!

according to Svetlana, they with the husband scrolled often thought - to take the baby from children`s home. But it were abstract conversations. And here the concrete case and so the kid it is a pity has suddenly turned up!

- Certainly, we will solve all family, - Svetlana speaks. - but I hope that all will be how I would like...

Dear readers! If you saw on February, 28th nearby 22. 00 around a temple of Prelate Nikolay in the street Zoological, 3, the woman or the man with the child on hands, or have noticed that any pregnant woman has lost a stomach, but with the child does not walk, the huge request: help militia to find mummy Thrown own son to freeze at church steps! Call by in edition to phone 94 - 37 - 01 or in department on affairs of minors at RUVD the Soviet area 32 - 08 - 51.