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How reshittransportnujuproblemu?

Olga ΧΕΟΣΠΝΐίola@kprostov. ru

“ more than once wrote about a transport problem in Rostov. After competition of carriers on many routes new owners and new drivers have come. Grinding in has begun. And here also quantity of minibuses have reduced. The people were indignant. One persistently did not want “ to be exhausted “ in close, stuffy buses: at stops of minibuses huge tails of turns were built. The Rest has changed buses. Terrible crushes also have begun. Inhabitants of Aleksandrovka and Northern especially complained.
we have decided to leave in the people together with officials and directly on a place to look: as as. To spot-check there have gone Elena Didova, the deputy chief of the Municipal government of transport, and Alexander Panchenko, the chief of department of public transport.
on final Strojgorodka and truth all was remarkable - 49 - e and 99 - e went strictly under the schedule: everyone one and a half minute. But already on “ Oganova “ people pushed through each other in the bus and hung on footboards. Yes so that to the driver hardly was possible to close a door.
and here it is surprising: from a car window the bus crush not seems such terrible. It is not audible shouts: “ Where presh? “ “ the Moron, you to me has crushed all foot! “ neither a stench, nor closeness, babul to which need to get on the Central market behind a parsley bunch by all means to 9 mornings.
- yes, nobody argues, problems are, - Alexander PANCHENKO speaks. - the Most peak time - with 7. 40 to 8. 30. Because all city needs to reach for work to 9 mornings. And, from dormitory areas - in the centre. In Soviet period there was a certain system: one to eight mornings for work went, others - to nine, the third - to ten. And this with the fact that about such quantity of transport as now, it was possible to dream only. But all the same for work reached. Now - as soon as rush hour comes to an end - buses go thin, it is possible to leave without problems. You understand, we do not let out more buses on a line not because them it is a pity to us. They simply are not present.
- First of all before us it is necessary not to get rid a problem from so-called “ dushegubok “ and numerically to increase quantity of buses, - Elena DIDOVA has explained. - But we try to carry out all problems in parallel: old buses we change, new we get. Only this year in a city there were 160 new buses is very big figure. Such in Rostov was never! After all the price of the new bus - is more than 1,5 million roubles, and second-hand - around 900 thousand roubles. In Rostov every year remains ever less the cars which are not corresponding to city norms.

dear readers!

% If in your area on - former transport badly goes, call on a hot line of the Municipal government of transport by phone: 253 - 16 - 22 or in edition “ 291 - 06 - 00. We will not disregard your complaint!

Here so, according to norms of transport workers, it is possible to go in the bus.

According to norms mintransa the Russian Federations in the bus quite comfortably can go to rush hour of 8 persons on each square metre. And in the rest of the time - 5 persons. We have made small experiment. Directly in the middle of edition have drawn a square and have tired out in it 8 employees. The people, hardly having squeezed, has joyfully informed that if all occurred in the real bus, that, vpechatav in glass ahead of standing, here quite the pair the person has still entered.

to Aleksandrovka have added minibuses

Complaints of inhabitants of Aleksandrovka and Northern have not sunk into oblivion. In transport management have listened to people voice. To correct a situation, on Northern have entered four new routes. And in Aleksandrovka by 12 pieces have increased quantity of minibuses and have entered four additional 80 - h the bus. Responses of grateful passengers have not kept itself waiting. In the morning in edition the inhabitant of Aleksandrovka Yury Ufimtsev has phoned:
- I do not know, what`s happened, but last days I leave without any problems. Today on a stop one for another there have arrived four minibuses and have taken away all passengers. So I stood no more than five minutes! Thanks!


“ It is possible still river tramvajchik to start up from Aleksandrovka to ZZHM “

the material Publication “ Such brothel with transport otrodjas was not! “ (- on - Don “ for September, 28th of this year) Has called rough discussion of our readers on a site “ “. Today we publish some responses.

Lyudmila [28. 09. 2005 13:14]:
- Recently transport goes simply ugly. To leave in the morning Aksaja, it is necessary to leave the house early very much. A route Ή 124 have reduced, the interval between buses has increased. A constant crush. It is not much better in the evening. Buses old, the winter sample, break often. Minibuses does not suffice. The more close winter, the more terribly.
He - man [29. 09. 2005 14:06]:
- any alternative to ground transport of ours almost polutoramillionnogo cities do not offer. Instead spend everyones public relations - actions like obviously unprofitable mullions-strong reconstruction of tram ways on Budennovsky or start-up “ city “ electric trains. With such success it is possible still river tramvajchik to start up from Aleksandrovka to ZZHM.

Inna [30. 09. 2005 13:38]:
- I do not know any problems. I with Western leave normally.