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HOW to CHOOSE sausage and sausages

Sausages, ψοθκΰχκθ*

Colour at them should be from gently - pink to dark - brown. Red, orange or other colours of a product should guard - not differently the manufacturer “ has tried “ with dyes. In some cases it becomes to give to an artificial product “ natural “ colour. A period of storage: no more than 48 hours. *Νεμνξγθε know that these products are on sale already ready to the use - it is possible to eat them “ crude “ as usual sausage. But nevertheless it is traditional we them we warm up. For this purpose at all it is unessential to cook sausages or sausages some minutes. It is enough of them to throw in boiling water and to allow to turn over once. It is not necessary to remove a natural cover. It is useful to an organism.

Syrokopchenye of a grade

Is elite of sausage products. Such products only from meat of the premiums are produced, and process of preparation a debt and is labour-consuming. Expenses of manufacturers on special klimokameru in which sausage prepares syrokopchenaja, are very high, from this in many respects there is also a price for a product. Strangely enough, but a skin at such sausage, as a rule, the artificial. Exception make “ Munich “ sausages. On taste syrokopchenye products sharp, spicy and rigid, but can be stored very long. A period of storage: 45 days.


well lain down syrokopchenaja the sausage has property to become covered by white divorces. But it does not mean at all that the product has deteriorated. To wipe a long loaf the napkin pure dry or moistened in refined butter enough, and sausage again will get the trade dress.

the ham

Unlike boiled sausages and sausages becomes from meat more a coarse grinding, with addition bolshego quantities of spices. In forcemeat do not add neither milk, nor eggs, therefore on taste it more rigid. For a dietary food all its kinds approach not. Such grades, for example, as a ham “ Merchant “ Are considered sharp enough, at them on a cut even the hot pepper impregnations are visible, therefore they are not recommended by a suffering affliction gastritis or a stomach ulcer. A period of storage: 5 days.

Half-smoked also it is boiled - smoked

Differ among themselves features of thermal processing, but an essence as a whole one: at last stage of preparation of a product podkapchivajut. It gives to a product golden colour and a smell.
a qualitative product smoke on natural sawdust. If the manufacturer “ trespasses “ chemistry smoking process is replaced with addition synthetic “ a smoke “. Such sausage differs too expressed smell which is only bearing a faint resemblance to the natural. A grinding of forcemeat and the salted pork fat in it is boiled - smoked and half-smoked sausages large enough, spices strongly pronounced. A period of storage: 15 - 16 days.


Half-smoked sausages, as a rule, do in natural covers (“ Krakow “ “ Odessa “ “ Polish “ “ the Hunting sausages “) Not calculated on that them cleared. Therefore, if you are assured of the seller and the manufacturer, do not suffer, cleaning off a thin sausage cover, it is suitable in food.

it is difficult to present itself our life, there will be no in it all these vkusnostej.
Boiled grades with the salted pork fat or without

These products concern a category dietary - it is possible to eat them without harm for health though every day (certainly, fresh). Forcemeat of boiled sausages differs from other meat products the special tenderness - into its structure enter milk and eggs. And also in these products moderate quantity of spices.
therefore a slice qualitative “ Doctor`s “ it is possible to give sausages safely both to the small child, and the sick person.
qualitative boiled sausage should be on a cut equal and elastic. If at it there is a salted pork fat its impregnations should be identical on the size and is dense vpressovannymi in forcemeat, instead of to fall out. A period of storage: no more than 3 - 5 days from the date of manufacturing.