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Leah it is necessary to hold money in PIFS?

Alexander ZJUZJAEV,

Alexander STEPANOVIgra at a stock exchange - perhaps, unique possibility not only to save savings from inflation, but also to increase greatly them. In spite of the fact that lately the Russian stock market has strongly enough grown. That has called fear members of the government. One of these days Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has declared that appeal of actions of the Russian companies has called effect of a bubble and recoil of quotations can begin at any moment.

effect of a bubble

Kudrin`s Meeting with councillors of Federation has turned back a headache for clients of management companies. Convincing senators what to increase expenses of the budget it is impossible more, the minister has told about the misfortune which has overflowed stock market.
- in Russia there was a new danger, - Kudrin has informed senators on Wednesday. - It is connected by that at inflation about 11 % and proceeding strengthening of a real effective rouble exchange rate profitableness on the Russian investments in stock market above, than in the West.
profitableness of operations in the western stock market makes 4 - 6 % annual, in Russia - 7 - 9 % annual. The minister considers that it has created the serious reasons for inflow of the hot speculative capital. Now Russia at observance of a strict financial policy became an interesting profitable investment, but these are elements a bubble . After crisis of 1998 a word a bubble with reference to economy it is known not only to financiers. Now all country knows that as soon as in inarticulate speeches of financiers this term starts to flash, means, soon wait for defaults, collapses or other Russians of processes not palatable for a pocket.

a collapse

Financiers will be agree with opinion of the minister. It is more than that, consider that from the fundamental point of view the Russian stock market has considerable potential of growth.
- in the near future there will be a delay of rates of increase of an index of RTS. Probably, it is necessary to wait for correction - small decrease in stock quotes, - experts speak, - but a collapse will not be exact.

advice to the shareholder

the State does not guarantee profitableness

investment funds.

And successful results of work of the PIF in the past do not guarantee the big income in the future.

buy shares of PIFS

on money without which

can manage

long time. At long possession of the share of a condition of its repayment of a management company will be more favourable, except that, profitableness for a long time interval is stabler.

stock quotes

can not only grow year, but also decrease.

Therefore buy shares when stock market on recession, and sell on peak.

do not put

in the PIF money,


can lose them and more remain should.

Are ready to risk -

buy funds of actions.

Be afraid to lose savings - get shares of bonded funds which bring in the guaranteed income. The fund of the mixed investments where is both actions, and bonds can become alternative.

how to dispose of money

If do not trust forecasts of experts, there is a sense to redistribute risks. For this purpose it is necessary to place third of savings on long the contribution - from one year and it is more under high percent; other third of money - in the PIF of actions; and the sum rest - in funds of the mixed investments where receive the income not only with vysokoriskovyh actions, but also from bonds. If to be guided by such strategy at least throughout a year, it can bring tempting enough result. Growth of quotations of the Russian actions will block correction of stock market and modest bank rates under contributions. Following the results of last twelve months funds of actions have brought on the average nearby 20 - 25 percent. Taking into account more modest indicators of funds of the mixed investments and bank deposits the aggregate profit from savings will be more modest, but will precisely exceed inflation.

you want the credit? Put the share

For quite some time now banks offer shareholders short-term credits on the security of shares. Certainly, if money is necessary urgently it is possible to take the usual target credit in bank. But the credit on the security of the share is more favourable. Look. To use this service, it is enough to give in bank the passport, the statement and an extract from the register of shareholders. The inquiry on incomes which demand in many banks at credit reception, is not required. Having signed the credit contract and the contract of pledge of shares, through 1 - 7 days receive the necessary sum - to 70 - 85 % from share cost. The commission for credit delivery, service of the loan bill or a plastic card on which the credit is charged, in banks do not take. It is important that under such credits on 1 - 2 percentage points are less than rate, than under usual loans: at level 14 - 18 percent for the credit from 3 months about one year.


- to Say that in stock market the bubble was inflated, not absolutely correctly, - Andrey SMURYGIN, the director of the Rostov branch of Open Company " considers; the Company Brokerkreditservis . - the Market big, and considerable lifting of quotations has mentioned only some sectors. Many actions for a summer have not grown or have grown slightly. Among them, for example, and Rostovenergo, and Southern telecommunication company. We believe that interest of investors will move from the untwisted and already risen in price securities to those who while stood aside. Therefore, buying shares, we recommend to pay attention to that, the list of the securities admitted to inclusion in a portfolio of fund is how much wide.