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Near Rostov the chicken

Irina LOSS

irina@kprostov was born trehnogaja. ru - Earlier we did not get accustomed, ran, as well as others, - Alexander Ponomarev speaks. - And recently I look: something strange. It like one leg drew in, but stood on two! Alexander Viktorovich has become interested and has decided to consider the feathery beauty more attentively. But Rjabushka has got with a habit, in hands did not want to be given. It was necessary together with the son fairly popotet, yet have not caught the arrogant woman. And when Ponomarev has turned a chicken has gasped: between two feet the third grows! Only it is less than others on pair centimetres and hudee. Despite it, the pad is sensitive. The miner admits, as is now rather surprised. 45 - the summer man has spent all life on the earth, held an economy, but about such miracle never heard. Is very interesting case, - Tatyana SHKURAT, the professor of stand of genetics of biological faculty RGU, - but there is no saying what exactly has affected a mutation speaks. You understand that germ development is very combined and many-sided. Probably, environment factors have affected, it is impossible to deny and a heredity. In the Rostov region such animals are born not often. Grow even less often. I remember, three years ago to us on stand have brought trehnogogo a kitten. It also is now live - is healthy. But it only an exception to the rules. Rjaba from others does not differ. Anybody does not offend her, and it pecks nobody. To a cock does not make advances owing to small age, and owners during feeding tries to avoid. Like, a usual chicken. And it has in actual fact appeared nature miracle. - I remember, on the TV spoke about a calf with two heads, but it has not survived, - the miner tells. - and our what quick! Despite the opened secret of a chicken, its position in a family of Ponomarevyh has not changed. Any excesses and overindulgence! Rjaba occasionally together with other chickens makes attacks on a kitchen garden. At the sight of people, it there and then escapes in a raspberry thicket. And the owner only laughs: he - that knows, how the layer quickly runs.

- what to do - that will be with it, on soup?

- Yes is not present, it is a pity... Perhaps it same will result chickens. We will wait.