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Rostovchan beat, but they have defeated!

Maxim KADAEV, max@kprostov. ru

past Sunday on a visit to to Rostov has welcomed Alanija . The command without the head coach (the former instructor of the team - israelite Itshak Noise - has been dismissed in the end of September - a bus comment) And with the criminal past. On September, 30th the investigation team of the public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolesnikov has brought actions in connection with plunder of money in club and no-purpose use of means of the budget of republic.
however on mood of football players Alanii scrapes have not affected. On game against Rostov they left, as on last fight. And Alansky leopards - the fan grouping vladikavkaztsev - has not thrown a favorite team in another`s city: all match Ossetins encouraged it krichalkami. The major match Rostov in a season have visited colleagues Sergey Balahnina on trainer`s shop. The trainer basketball the Locomotive Acho Petrovich, no less than the helmsman gandbolnogo Rostov - Don Sergey Belitsky, all match sincerely endured about football players.
and the reasons to worry were. Because players Alanii Since first minutes those have begun hunting on rostovchan, and over and over again with drop shouts on a lawn. In the field people with a stretcher continually ran out. But Rostov it was not possible to intimidate. Moreover, on 16 - j to minute owners have opened the bill. The first goal in the championship was hammered by Andrey Bochkov. Also it is necessary such to happen, that this ball has brought to its command victory!
after game the general director Rostov Rohus Shoh has given exclusive interview
- Just came into a locker room and has congratulated children on such necessary victory. Let not all at us turned out today in command game, but has pleased a spirit and combativity of football players.

- before a match with Alaniej tried to encourage players personally?

- Yes, at meeting of the command I have once again told, how for Rostov this duel is important. By the own words pursued only one aim - to support that good atmosphere which has developed recently. to pump up football players were not necessities.
- in your opinion, if Rostov will not lose a today`s spirit and thirst of struggle will save a residence permit in the Prime minister - league?
- I believe in children and in Balahnina. I do not doubt that in the nearest matches to us it will be heavy, but it is necessary to suffer. And then all at us will turn out.

it is told!

the Field was today too soft. So that at me in the end of game by a spasm has reduced feet. Happened, I the first on a ball and, like, run forward, and such impression that I mark time. As if dogs behind for feet suffice...

(the captain Rostov Michael OSINOV

in interview to the correspondent