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BE the MAN!


do not exist! An insulting word the impotent man it is possible to forget. Now problems with a potentiality andrologi name the beautiful term erektilnaja dysfunction . If earlier the purpose of physicians was to lift at any cost modestly hanging worthiness now the main thing - to get to the bottom of the reason. On the statistican, 60 % of cases of decrease in a potentiality in the basis have illnesses of an internal, 30 % - the mental and psychological problems, the remained 10 % - a motley crew from first two.

Kamal`s professor:

- Erektilnaja dysfunction - in most cases - not independent disease, and concomitant factor. And 90 % of patients at competent inspection and treatment of the basic disease it is possible to return man`s force and self-trust.

Than more low sugar,

to those above dostoinstvoandrologi say that a penis - a barometre showing the general state of health of the man. And meanwhile that heart has the day before yesterday pricked, and today left a regional ohm in bed, there is an accurate communication. Here illnesses which prevent :4 to be warm the presents - vascular. The man`s genital and is penetrated by blood vessels. Of what you want exploits if heart badly swings blood from it, and vessels acquire plaques? 4 diabetes and others endokrinnye problems. It is proved that decrease in sugar with 7 to 5 mmol/ on 30 % improves l erektsiju and quality of sexual intercourse.

4 adiposity. And in our country, by the way, 30 % of men suffer affliction excess weight.

Understand with illnesses on - muzhski!

What to pass inspections if problems with a potentiality have begun:

l tests of hormones with obligatory check of level of testosterone and the test of the DOG (the blood analysis on prostat - a specific antigene).

l the blood Analysis on sugar.

l an electrocardiogram.

l ultrasonic predstatelnoj glands.

l Measurement of pressure of blood in a penis.

Kamal`s professor:

- it is necessary to approach To a problem of man`s health in a complex. To make the full diagnosis and to appoint adequate treatment, in my opinion, the man should pass inspection at several experts: the urologist, the cardiologist, endokrinologa, the psychologist.

as influences

a potentiality...

... The intelligence

On supervision andrologov, longest sexual activity is saved by the men occupied with brainwork. People with the low intelligence, engaged in heavy physical work appear the weakest on a man`s line.

... A family

Married remain Real men on the average on 7 - 10 years longer inveterate bachelors. Qualitative sex also prodljaet a man`s century. So, worthy sexual activity is saved longer by those who makes love to the constant partner not less often than 2 times a week. Outsiders are those who changes often sexual partners, and also those who on a month and abstains more. The men having two and more of children, save the health in comparison with childless colleagues longer.

... A way of life

Those who drinks daily more than 50 grammes of strong alcohol, start to have problems with a potentiality already at the age of 40 years. The same who dares to relax a few once a week and are more rare, can quite feel men and in 75.

Andrologi tell the FACT, if the man is capable to make at least one of hundred sexual intercourses the impotence, most likely, has a psychogenic basis. Also from the physical point of view the man at whom happen night erektsii is considered healthy.