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The helicopter has dropped the drunk pilot

Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkiria which territories has fallen down a revolving object operated the Kazan businessman, has found the originator of abijah - failures

we Will remind, tragedies has occurred in the afternoon on February, 18th. Then the director Tatmosstroja Abulgaziz Sultans there has arrived on a visit to head of one of areas of Bashkiria Ajratu Magzumovu.

At half past two p.m. men have gone to go for a drive on the helicopter belonging tatarstantsu. As it was found out later - have decided to hunt on wolves. But double Robinzon not for long was in air. Quickly enough it has failed near to village Kontugushevo (Bashkiria) which inhabitants, having seen the falling helicopter, have called rescuers.

- it has suddenly pecked a nose and has started to fall downwards! - eyewitnesses told.

on a scene firemen and the public prosecutor of Bashkiria Sergey Hurtin have there and then left. The first, having seen that the helicopter has not lighted up, have quickly left.

The Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkiria then has filed criminal charges under article Infringement of safety rules and operation of the air transport, entailed on imprudence death of a two and more the person . In two months after state of emergency the consequence has established an event picture.

- they flied low, it is literally at height 1,5 - 2 metres over trees, - the assistant to the transport public prosecutor of Ufa Darya Kalinicheva tells. - But at the next maneuver the helicopter ran into a tree, passengers has literally thrown out from it. They were lost. We have found out that Sultans of villages for a steering wheel in a status of easy alcoholic intoxication. Besides it at all had no right to operate helicopter - certificate of the aviation expert was given out it illegally.

according to representatives of the Bashkir Office of Public Prosecutor, absence of steady skills of piloting at tatarstanskogo staying became an event principal cause. Besides, men have admitted one more infringement - have taken off from airdrome without the forward ordering and preparation of the car for flight. Meanwhile for today, considering that pilot Abdulgaziz of Sultans was lost, criminal case decided to stop.


Peter Romanov, the expert on security of flights:

- the Case unique because drunk pilots did not catch never! And with the false rights of only 1 times - general directors of airline Tretjakovo on which fault in Bishkek the plane has broken. By the way, after that egregious example airline have closed. Thank God that they did not hunt near to the Ufa airport, and that of victims at possible collision would be much more. By the way, on regular lines such it is impossible. And at private persons - please. I on a place of the authorities on a broader scale would forbid amateur aircraft in our drinking country.