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To meet in « the perfect nurse » in Kazan it is possible for 100 roubles

Anastas Zavorotnjuk and To will take part in feast STS

Today in our city the most popular nurse of the country - Anastas Zavorotnjuk arrives. For any year the direct governess became favourite by millions, and as have told to us on TV channel STS, the Kazan kiddies asked often about a meeting with a star. And here, at last, has come true. the nurse in the company with were fabrikantkoj Julej Savichevoj and two sexy blondes from group REFLEX will act tonight in Basket - a hall in show Life is perfect with STS! . Special actions for stars it is not planned. Will lodge them in hotel Safar . And here than will treat stars while it is not known.

- Well where will want to go to attempt, there and we will move, - the meeting party has informed. - that will ask, we will reserve. Perhaps even with the Tatar dishes we will treat.

Zavorotnjuk will Conduct show. Competition of doubles of known telestars and television heroes - Feodor Bondarchuk, Katya Pushkarevoj, Viki Prutkovsky, and also local Kazan stars - Irinas Lebedevoj and Matveja Aprosina will be the main counter of action. For this purpose in Kazan have arranged the present selection tours. Organizers promise that it is not necessary to miss precisely! Tickets for show which will pass today in 18. 00, stand well very democratically - from 100 roubles.