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From - for repair of ways trains

passing structures to Moscow are late One of these days passengers in perplexity were late already on 6 chasovkazanskie put forward different versions. According to the majority speaking where - that the train in the east was derailed.

Others asserted that not in the east, and around Nizhni Novgorod. The imagination at passengers was played outright. As a result someone has simply handed over tickets, the most persistent continued to sit in a waiting room. To wait, when will submit trains, it was necessary 4 - 6 hours.

meanwhile as it has appeared that no accident happens also the reason of a delay is much more banal.

- every summer we carry out repairs of our roads, - the Kazan railwaymen have informed. - from - for it trains also are late. Usually are late not so, but this time repair on a stage of Arsk - Kurkachi was tightened, and passengers had to wait already some hours.

So, as railwaymen, dear passengers if your train is late, have patience advise, it necessarily will arrive. A question only, when...