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on August, 21st, 16. 50. On August, 19th went for a drive on the walking steam-ship. Almost all public drinks, shouts, smokes, chews, uses foul language. Kama have filled up with garbage. Bitterly - entirely cattle! And there were 13 hours and there were children.

on August, 21st, 19. 58. In the bus 68 - go a route the conductor, tearing off a ticket, speaks thanks . And to you thanks, the lovely woman!

on August, 21st, 20. 56. On August, 19th on Perm II in the bus 40 conductor named the journey price - 10 roubles. Having collected from passengers on a tchervonets, tickets and has not given. Bus number - 724. To the indignant passengers has explained: Our bus - the person on duty, works round the clock . Understand with bombilami!

on August, 21st, 21. 02. Passed today through mini - the market Aviasmall town observed such picture: at one of vegetable booths the thick Tadjik sits, talks by a cellular telephone. His oldest daughter trades, the wife nearby sits, nurses the baby. Here, among them, one more kid on a pot sits. Full idyll.

on August, 22nd, 9. 53. At the corner of Krisanova - Ordzhonikidze any woman suited a magnificent flower bed. Paradise on a tiny plot of land.

on August, 22nd, 13. 14. With Krohalevki week do not take out garbage. Mounts lie. Local TV - words. Because we suburb, a ghetto, instead of Lenin`s street.

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