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Pincers have woken up

These dangerous insects have bitten already three citizens of Kazan

Like only - only we have avoided deluging by flood waters as there was other danger.

- when the season of works on garden sites, gathering of berries and medicinal grasses then - that and appears on horizon life-threatening and health of the person the tick begins, - have informed us in FGUZ the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii RT .

In spite of the fact that usually pincers are most active from May till September, there is a real danger to pick up them and now. And it threatens with serious diseases, like kleshchevogo entsefalita and kleshchevogo borrelioza.

For today already three citizens of Kazan bitten by pincers, were converted behind the help to physicians. In this connection doctors remind simple rules - how to avoid this misfortune and what to do, if suddenly pick up this dangerous insect.

Not to become a victim of pincers, gathering for the nature, observe measures of personal preventive maintenance:

- Put on in densely fitting and deafly clasped clothes;

- After returning carefully examine things and be convinced that the wrecker has not had time to stick to a body.

if the tick has stuck into a body, do not panic. Do not try to get it independently or to crush. Infection can occur not only at prisasyvanii the tick to your skin but also in case you crush it. Better all - taki at once to be converted to the doctor to prevent development of complications. Pull out the tick the usual surgeon in your polyclinic can. On feasts and the days off, be converted into fracture clinics:
- A.Kutuja`s street, 48, ph. 272 - 56 - 73
- street Medical, 7, ph. 571 - 10 - 96
- street Mozhaisk, 17, bodies. 555 - 06 - 84

the Inquiry

Kleshchevoj borrelioz (a synonym illness Lima) - prirodno - ochagovaja an infection with a sharp and chronic current at which defeat nervous is possible, it is warm - vascular system, a skin, a liver and oporno - the impellent device. Can lead to long invalidity, and at heavy late displays - to physical inability.

disease signs: through 1 - 3 weeks after a sting raise temperature to 38 - 39 degrees, there is an increase and morbidity of lymph nodes, symptoms of the general intoxication develop: a nausea, vomiting, morbidity in various muscles.