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In Kazan there were seasonal buses

Now reach to the fazendy townspeople Transport workers can without changes

have remembered the tradition - annually to allocate to the Kazan fans to rummage on beds special routes. country buses usually seasonal - appear in the spring and vanish by the autumn. Having studied a volume of passenger traffic, transport workers have come to a conclusion - it is time to start up!

now reach the housing estates townspeople can by following buses:

278 streets Volgograd - settlement Wood Morkvashi;
312 streets Spartakovsky - to settlement Borovoe Matjushino;
338 ost. Spartakovsky - the Eagle (gardens)
319 autostation on street of Cosmonauts - Bogorodsky;
326 from autostation on street of Cosmonauts - to Aryshhazda;
336 from autostation on street Volgograd - settlement Gavrilkovo - settlement the Silent Reach;
341 streets Spartakovsky - settlement Teteevo;
342 ost. Avenue of Victory - Gardens (settlement Usady);
from a stop 39 quarter - to settlement ShCherbakovka;
from a stop Avenue of Victory - to Zhirkombinata;
from a stop the Palace of chemists - to settlement Orlovka
from a stop 1 - to Shcherbakovki,
76 from a palace of Lenin - to Krutushki and to settlement Shigali;
from a stop Street Gavrilova - to Distant gardens and to Shcherbakovki;
163 from a stop at Kamal`s theatre - to Krutushki
190 from a stop Avenue of Victory to settlement the Eagle
193 from a stop Avenue of Victory to Borovogo Matjushino
194 from a stop Avenue of Victory and Aryshhazda;
195 from the Kazan railway station - to settlement the Eagle.