Rus News Journal

has awarded the most active pochtovikov

Winners have received memorable souvenirs and monetary prizes

- - the newspaper popular also does not need advertising, - assures the postman with 30 - Firaja KHUSAINOV`S summer experience. - it is written out basically by adult generation, and all family reads. To us and say that in the newspaper there is an information both for parents, and for children!

such flatter responses about the favourite newspaper sounded on the action arranged following the results of subscription campaign for the first half of the year of this year. The best pochtoviki and managers of post offices have gathered in a press - the centre .

Postmen and managers of post offices assure that friends at in republic much. There are also constant subscribers who do not change from year to year to the favourite newspaper. Many postmen have noticed also that complaints that newspapers steal from mail boxes, to do not concern.

- really we favourite In a box we will throw, - postmen - winners smile - We it inform to each subscriber and we give personally in charge!

the loyal friends too does not forget. To winners of competition pochtovikov monetary prizes and diplomas as have been handed over the best employees tatarstanskoj mails.

meanwhile already started competition among pochtovikov within the limits of subscription campaign on the second half of the year of this year.

P. S. By the way, gifts hands over not only to employees of mail, but also the subscribers. And to subscribe for the favourite newspaper it is possible in any post office of a city or having called by phone: (843 516 - 86 - 73.