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5 - summer Elnur eats starch and glucose

More its organism accepts of nothing, and the Kazan officials do not hurry to help

With a family of Alievyh the third child Elnur was born with very rare illness. Its liver cannot work independently. Malchonka practically sits on one starch, glucose and medicines. In Russia such children only ninety. In Tatarstan Elnur - unique...

Perhaps, from - for rarities of illness the boy has faced that in Kazan it help nobody can. In treatment of such patients in our country are engaged only in the Russian academy of medical sciences in Moscow. Two times a year mum carries the boy in capital on inspection.

local doctors promised that Elnur will receive necessary treatment free of charge. The boy enters into ten taken away hospital of a quota on republic. But that these expenses for experts and abiding of mother in hospital for 500 roubles a day, so far as concerns catastrophic shortage of money for expensive medicines and the preparations necessary to the kid daily and hourly mean. In a year only on treatment at Alievyh leaves about 80 thousand roubles, and the state allocates to a family only one free medical product and sheets of coupons for journey. It obviously does not suffice. However bolshego to parents to offer whether cannot, whether do not want.

- earlier sheets of coupons on which the child - the invalid with the accompanying person reached to a place of treatment and back, our ministry gave out. But in 2004, in connection with vnesenijami changes in the law on social protection of invalids, such measure as journey to a treatment place, has lost force, - has informed the chief of department on methodology of social support of the population of the Ministry of social protection RT Larissa KARUNINA. - there was only a journey maintenance to a place of sanatorium treatment. I do not know, a leah it has been made intentionally or it is someone`s ridiculous error, but the alarm and discontent is change has called the considerable. And only after a year, since January, 1st, 2005 these powers which are assigned now to social insurance Fund have renewed. So if Ministry of Health RT will give out to Elnuru a direction then, I think, problems at it with journey will not be. Also it is everything, than we can help it.

we were converted into public health services municipal government in hope to hear that even if Elnuru has not carried with free maintenance with medicines then the decision about kliniko - a commission of experts which considers concrete cases will be accepted. But the expert in medicinal maintenance of department of the medical help of management in telephone conversation has declared that at it and so it is too much patients on a city. And to help each seriously ill child it not with a status.

Now to the child five years, and parents dream that after successful treatment and visitation of the rehabilitation centre Zdravushka it can go to the first class in usual school. After all it by nature very musical and sharp little man.

- when in 2001 there was a tragical case in children`s infectious hospital (in hospital then some babies have died), Elnurina the neigbour in chamber was lost, and it remained to live, - mum Elnura Aza ALIEV speaks. - we believe that it is not casual. And if we help it, he can grow the healthy and happy child.