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« It is red - green » will pay for fan love

the Match from CSKA it will be remembered to the Kazan club not only victory, but also the penalty

Kazan has endured invasion of fans of CSKA with absolutely small losses. If to remember that created horses in Yaroslavl, Peter or Ramensky the republic capital practically has not suffered. Except pair the broken benches and the turned pavement signs, moreover the crippled restaurant of a fast food where it has been detained at once 15 cleared up horses serious incidents was not. Has affected that militia to tricks visiting was ill it was ready. How much horrors passengers of the trains which have arrived to Kazan on morning on Saturday told. So in one of structures the drunk too much fans have guessed to light fajer directly in the car. The OMON which made the way to fans from other end of a train, on the way treated elektroshokerom all who at least bore a faint resemblance to the fan of CSKA. Before the game of all visitors of fans pickled in specially taken away sector before stadium, and after a match have collected all in buses and took out whom on station, whom to other places of departure. Fans of CSKA have thanked Kazan for hospitality very much on - kind. During a match it is red - dark blue have started in the sky balloons in the form of horses. One of them with sniper accuracy has flown by from fan sector and zavis directly before the VIP - a tribune on which the president of republic sat. Such here it is red - dark blue greetings to Mintimer Sharipovichu. The Kazan fans have decided to note good game svih favourites a traditional English entertainment - vybeganiem in the field. Probably, cold weather has not allowed the Kazan fan to strip to the skin, as it becomes on foggy Albion, but he has established an original record, having run in the sum one and a half fields. Police officers this time not that what to beat and and to catch the runner did not become - more expensively. But children from stadium security service have shown that their physical standards do not concede to the fan. Have caught, have braided and on hands have taken out from stadium. Speak, at all did not beat. Tribunes have noted a trick of the fan cheerful whistle and an applause. And all was good, only the Kazan club should pay the penalty for such jog - 30 thousand roubles. And here if the fan has decided to sort out relations with players, collecting size could be much more.

it is necessary to hope that during the following game (on May, 7th the Ruby will meet " command; Moscow ) citizens of Kazan will behave more decently. Otherwise one fine day it can appear that by a lattice it is enclosed not only a guest tribune...