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Permjak has sunk in sea of Azov

the Body friends of the victim

On base of rest " have found out; Krymchanka that is near to a city of Temryuk at coast of sea of Azov, the company permjakov has arrived one week ago. Among them was and 19 - summer Paul Trapeznikov for whom the trip to the sea became last.

- the Message on disappearance of the young man has arrived on August, 22nd in 13. 20, - Alexander SOROKOTJAGA, the head of department on affairs GO and CHS Temrjuksky area speaks . - Troy rescuers and three divers all the day long searched for the young man, but have not found. Distances to its friends the detailed instruction, and they have continued searches independently.

Children have armed with small lamps and at night have gone on searches. Ashore, near to base, they have come across a breathless corpse of their friend. It lay directly at water. Young men have communicated at once with rescuers and militia. Now forensic scientists should find out, why the young, strong guy has sunk.
by the way, Paul still in the night from 21 for August, 22nd has disappeared. Together with girl Anej they have gone on a beach, and as many reckless tourists do, have got into the night sea. And this with the fact that at night it very restless, and the darkness around costs such that it is possible to lose itself. As a result on coast Anja one has returned. That Paul has not come up from the sea, she has informed only was not in the afternoon when hope to find the guy live already practically. Why the girl so has late given the alarm? Yes it is simple also it, and friends of Paul have been assured that permjak them has simply played and where - that hides.

Advice having a rest on the sea

* to Swim away on depth it is possible, only if you very well float;
* It is impossible to bathe at night - at this time the horizon and the sea merge, and you can confuse, where the earth, and where water.
* Having felt a spasm, stop, turn over on a back, lay down on water. Have a rest and float back, it is desirable other style. For a long time rest on water do not tighten - can freeze.
* do not go at all to bathe in a tired status.
* if you have swum away far from coast:
- do not spend force and do not struggle with waves, let they bear you to coast;
- with wave approach start to work actively as hands and feet, trying to promote on its crest as it is possible further;
- during wave ward strain all body, lift a head, having exposed a chin forward and having extended hands before itself, or press them under itself;
- having reached coast, leave water, only when the wave crest will leave from you, differently you risk again to appear on depth.

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