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has come to see the Kazan veterans

We not for long thought over a question with what to go. Have collected packages, have put there a grocery set from the Kazan meat-packing plant, Komsomol T-shirts, mugs also have gone to veterans on a visit.

many of at whom we have visited, do not have military photos. not before then was - veterans speak. But in their memory of business of the past days were printed so as if all was only yesterday.

Kitel Foata Tagirovicha IBRAGIMOVA is bemedalled also by orders - memory of fighting days. It has been called in April, 1942, ministered zenitchikom. Has got demobilise in 1945, in some months after the announcement of capitulation. Till now Foat Tagirovich carefully stores photos of the girls who were subordinate it.

- and dawns here silent not about you are written? - We ask. In the answer of Foat abyj only modestly smiles. Also tells, tells about war.

The same as Natalia Timofeevna ZHIGITOVA which has passed all Great Patriotic War, endured an environment, lasting five days, taken out with a battlefield tells about it incalculable number of wounded soldiers.

- all was, pretty, - Natalia Timofeevna cries. - both heroes, and self-arrows the court over which was short and rigid...

Michael Mihajlovich UNGVITSKY thumbs through an album Sports - my life . In youth a handsome man Michael was engaged in a bicycle and skating sport, having reached a title of the champion of Russia. War has passed all - was in investigation, traced movement of German armies and technics. Behind shoulders - war, then thirty years of work as the trainer. In this time Michael Mihajlovich has let out more than 50 masters of sports.

in the past the inhabitant of Tomsk Peter Fedorovich SITKO wared on Bryansk front, in August, 1942 has been wounded. The left foot should be amputated, it has gone blind from a contusion on one eye and was komissovan. The family has moved to Kazan thirty years ago, now four together live in two-room apartment. Wanted to improve living conditions, but have told that is not necessary. Though Peter Fedorovicha`s wife rehabilitated, he is a veteran, the disabled veteran. To Peter Fedorovichu have taken away a hall - the state of his health is that that the separate room and a permanent care is required to it. But the front-line soldier does not complain, with firmness transfers illness.

the former pilot, aircraft technician Alexey Dmitrievich MAKSIMOV has met us a wine-glass front - has suggested to lift for coming nearer Victory Day. He remembers not only war, but also how after it worked in KGB as then in Verhneuslonsky area Tatarii lifted living in misery collective farm, for three years having made its millionaire.

- under my biography, probably, it is possible to write three separate books, - he speaks. - the first would be about the war, the second - about work in KGB, the third - about collective farm.

Peter Ivanovich BOGOMOLOV in 1941 after training has been directed on the Leningrad front by the ordinary machine gunner. In fights has got three wounds, one of which - very heavy. After war Peter Ivanovich almost has worked 60 years at factory Elekon . War is remembered often, especially by the moment when it has been declared capitulation of Germany.

is there was a universal feast! - he speaks. - three days on pleasures scorched from tools.

there is a problem

Filsina and Islam ILJALDINOVY rent apartment in to a five-storey apartment block on Cosmonauts. They have lost habitation in 1998 when have decided to exchange apartment that the son could live separately. The exchange is not has gone right, have decided apartment to sell then to buy two. But has burst a default, and the family remained without habitation and a residence permit. Since then Filsina Kadyrovna was converted time and again to the city authorities behind the help. But once on its letter the answer from the head of department of a housing policy of Kazan Zinnura Bashirova where it has been written has come that spouses have the one-room privatised apartment a total area more than 30 sq. metres and habitation do not need. Since then the hope of something good has left seven Iljaldinovyh. Then to housing problems one more has increased: someone has got into their apartment and has stolen Islama Kashapovicha all fighting awards.

Islam Iljaldinov all life was the military man. At first - the Great Patriotic War, then - service in cities of the Union and abroad. After three transferred strokes he cannot speak, hardly moves, extraneous leaving is necessary to it.

... Having heard a word war Islam of Kashapovich, the colonel in resignation, starts to cry.

unfortunately to come to see all without an exception of veterans not in our forces. But we congratulate on May, 9th of all who at the front and in back approached a Victory Day. Health to you and long years of life!

the Sponsor of the action - the Kazan meat-packing plant
Separate gratitude of Minsotszashchity RT and to regional Managements sotszashchity Kazan for the help in material preparation, to the Kazan meat-packing plant for the given sets.