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the Night witch from the Raifsky monastery

the Mother Sofia, the main flower grower of the Raifsky mansion, has passed the Great Patriotic War from Moscow to Berlin

the Nun - radistka

About the mother of Sofia in the Raifsky monastery and is far behind its limits know many. Also it is written about it already much. It has come here with deputy Vsevolodom 13 years ago when this reserved place has been destroyed, participated in monastery restoration. Now at the mother here own cell.

- conveniently, far it is not necessary to go, - the mother speaks.

though convenience not only in it. At speeding up of Dnepr in 43 - m Katya Osharina (a temporal name of the mother) has got under bombardment. A foot has punched - it managed to be rescued from amputation, but here only since then it is not bent in a knee.

... War has found 25 - summer Katya in Alma - Ate. It comes from a Zelenodolsk, after leaving school has entered the Moscow Timirjazevsky agricultural academy. But the hostel has appeared for three kilometres, therefore Katya Osharina has preferred the blossoming Kazakhstan.

- I studied on the fifth year plodovo - vegetable faculty of agricultural institute on a speciality gardening. But us for war prepared from the first course. Whom on the nurse, and whom - on radistku. Katya Osharinoj had a perfect ear - so it has received an additional speciality - radistki. And in the beginning of 1942 has got to the scorching heat, under Moscow.

flight of enemy territories was one of problems to find out a site of Germans and to liquidate the opponent.

- we flied on small At - 2, specially, that it was possible to fly by low - low. With us a machine gun... Me even a night witch have nicknamed for it.

However, departures at it was a little. Basically communication should be adjusted on the earth. Speeding up of Dnepr was one of the terrible moments of war. It was necessary to be forwarded through a crossing under continuous bombardment. From all signal battalion in 125 persons has escaped all three.

- near Mogilyov, there, where I have got wound, there were simply mounts of corpses, someone, still live, sufficed me from below and asked about the help. And I could not stop, it was necessary to adjust communication. Then, when I have returned, many have already appeared are dead. It is terrible to remember all it, - the mother Sofia shuts the face with the hands.

as a part of the Belarus front it has reached Berlin and participated in its capture.

- Zhukov saw, how you, - it is quickened at memoirs the mother. - all - taki it possessed the special force, the first went on fight. Since then from front friends with it remained only Evgenie Pushkarev from Nizhnekamsk moreover one friend with whom communication, unfortunately, has interrupted.

at Ekaterina Mihailovny of 13 fighting awards. Every year, in an anniversary of great Victory she puts on the orders. But only for one day - as a memory tribute.

the Monastery - a garden

After war of Katerina has returned to a native Zelenodolsk, has studied up on a last year in Academy of decorative arts at faculty of floriculture and has gone to work on ship-building factory of a name Bitter.

- has transformed it into factory - a garden, - not without pride the mother Sofia speaks. It has grown up two children, and then... Has left in a monastery. The father precented at church, and the mother is assured - God has saved it during war. It has helped and at arrangement of the Raifsky monastery.

- I all thought, where to me to break flower beds, prayed, and then there was a vision: from a bell the shade has fallen - and at once it became clear to me as how to make.

on a broader scale, love to colours it from the grandmother - before revolution at that had a big garden in which merchants liked to have a rest.

now, in 13 years, the monastery has turned to the present flower bed - here thousand various grades of colours on - to think only! - five hundred square metres. One tulips eighteen grades. We have found the mother Sofia in an inner sanctum - a hothouse where under its vigilant eye the sprouts are landed. Here smart roses already redden. Now after all the busy season.

- here only while the assistant constant is not present, to whom it is possible to pass all knowledge, - the nun sighs.

at the mother two children - the son and the daughter. It sees the daughter seldom - that with children lives in Belarus, and the son - the economist - in Kazan. And even great-granddaughter Apollinarija grows up.

- Me here it is good and quiet, I am happy, - the mother Sofia at parting has told to us and has hastened back in a hothouse - behind an economy constant control is necessary.