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In republic operation " has begun; Spawning

For forbidden lov it is possible to remain practically without trousers

Since May, 1st in Tatarstan it is forbidden industrial lov fishes. It means that employees of ecological militia of Ministry of Internal Affairs RT together with Minekologii and republics Rosselhoznadzorom have strengthened control and will mercilessly catch and fine dishonest fishers. So, tatarstantsam it is strictly forbidden to catch a network, on an electrofishing tackle, and also to use a method bagrenija. To operate an interdiction will be till June, 13th.

however fishermen - fans can not worry: at catching on a fishing tackle (no more than 5 hooks) to you threatens nothing. However, it is possible to catch in general no more than 3 kgs. If you a member of the Society of hunters and fishers - safely add to ulovu two more kilogrammes.

- fishing by a network, an electrofishing tackle and other tools of mass destruction automatically conducts to bringing to criminal liability under the item 256 criminal codes of Russian Federation, - employees of ecological militia speak. - punishment - the penalty from 100 000 to 500 000 roubles or imprisonment till 2 years. Besides to the poacher the claim about compensation of the damage caused to environment is made.

the quantity and a kind of the caught fish, and also a place where it has been caught is thus considered. So, for one illegally extracted pike it is necessary to pay 250 roubles, and if in addition you have caught in territory zakaznika the size of the penalty doubles if in reserve territory - trebles. So before to be engaged an extreme sport properly think of payment.

meanwhile for May, 3rd by law-enforcement bodies RT it is already raised more than 80 criminal cases.

by the way, in spawning refrain from trips by boats and others plavsredstvah with the motor. For this purpose it is necessary to obtain the special permit.