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Yesterday in Kazan have noted 1000 - letie a chanson

On a broader scale - that anniversary was last year. But the Kazan bards and the chansonnier have decided that it is necessary - taki to celebrate all this date separately from 1000 - letija cities. The celebration has occasionally taken place yesterday to Krk the Pyramid .

- Before a word a chanson was not, were domestic, bardovskie, author`s songs, - the Kazan singer Elena GRUZDEV speaks. - now there is a concept Russian chanson are criminal, I do not love this word, gangster songs, prison . And on a broader scale a chanson are songs as a hobby. And these songs have appeared then when Kazan was formed. That is 1000 years ago!

Therefore yesterday from a scene Pyramids the songs devoted to capital of year sounded. And also were both sad enough and lyrical compositions. The songs on court to citizens of Kazan were presented by known Kazan authors and groups: Lenchik Brendin, Elena Gruzdev, Jura Crazy, Anatoly Kapustjansky, the Resident and the Godforsaken place . By the way, has not managed and without surprises.

- we a little perestazhirovali on a chanson group Volga - Volga - Elena has smiled. So admirers volgarej can rejoice - now their favourite group had new songs in a little unusual genre.

meanwhile the Kazan chansonniers plan not to stop at a concert. At many they shortly leave the disks. And if to consider that the previous have dispersed on hurrah and even have got under attention pirates it is possible to think, as these the smaller glory waits not.