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To the Kazan girl have waved from space

And have allowed to enter any on a choice the Moscow high school

In a city of astronautics Queens (Moscow suburbs) the Kazan schoolgirl Olga Yevseyev it has appeared not casually. Here there passed the All-Russia Olympic Games by the right, we zemljachka became one of which participants. On a broader scale from 300 participants - 10 from Kazan. The result of the Olympic Games was potrjasajushch for republic - our eight schoolboys became prize-winners! And Olga Yevseyev has won the first place among the Russian eleventh-graders.

- certainly, on the Olympic Games I was very much stirred, but victory did not doubt almost, - Olga smiles. - not without reason I was engaged of the whole three years at legal school. These Olympic Games were the sixth under the bill in my life and the most responsible.

however victory in the Olympic Games became not a unique gift of destiny. Olga and its Kazan friends have invited in the central management of flights. That, whence experts from the Earth contact cosmonauts. Only to get there, it is possible to tell, for the usual schoolboy - a miracle! But if the destiny smiles, does widely. Visitors have spent in a conference - the Training centre hall. And there on the huge screen there were suddenly cosmonauts. They greeting gave up as a bad job to citizens of Kazan and congratulated her is to Olju Yevseyev - with victory. For the usual Kazan schoolgirl it was, poorly to tell, is more tremendous.

- here it is a surprise, - speaking about it, Olja smiles. - We in any way did not expect it. Then the city of astronautics of Queens has given us the best gift!

however if to go down from heavens on the earth it is possible to tell that there was and more one smart gift. On Olympic Games conditions, the winner can, without passing examinations, and only having shown the desire, to enter any high school of the country.

- most likely, it will be the Moscow high school, - Olga shares the plans for the future.

- Olechka very efficient girl, - the permanent head tatarstanskoj has informed commands, the head of city legal school Timur Akchurin. - I am assured that at it the big future.